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City Council Meeting 2 May 2017
Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.
Meeting called to order by Mayor Wolff.  All members present for roll call.
The previous minutes were approved as read.
There were no opening remarks from the mayor.
Old Business:
     There was no old business on the agenda.
New Business:
1.     Fire Chief Ricky Nobles noted an Emergency Medical Responders certification course for Evergreen VFD member is available for $170.00 per student.  Computed at 25 students the maximum cost of $4,250.00 to be paid from the Fire Tax Fund.  Motion to approve by Council person Caylor, 2 by Council person Skinner.  Motion received unanimous vote.
2.    Mr. Bobby McNeil reported Hillcrest Apartments behind Jalisco’s restaurant are considered substandard and a “repair or remove” order is being considered.  These apartments are deemed a fire hazard and as of now no new electric meters will be installed.  There are 16 apartments impacted.  A motion to approve the no new installation of electric meters was made by Council person Skinner, 2 by Council person Caylor and received a unanimous vote.
3.    Conecuh County Training School/Thurgood Marshal Alumni Association requested permission to hold a parade in downtown Evergreen on Saturday, July 1, 2017.  To start at 8 AM.  Motion to approve by Council person Davis, 2 by Council person Upton.  Again a unanimous vote.
     Council person Caylor expressed concern over city financials and the personnel handbook.
     To start Mr. Caylor requested the city clerk make available a memo or statement of some nature to explain overtime, items such as how much, who is getting it, etc.  Mr. Caylor also expressed concern as to why the city is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep to the gym at the old high school considering the city does not own this property. 
     In conjunction with these questions from Mr. Caylor, District 5 Representative Davis also wanted to know what happens with money raised at functions/games held there and why there was not accountability of these funds.  Attorney Hartley responded that there were no contracts with management at this facility therefore the city has no control over the activities or money.  Mr. Hartley did suggest that a contract could be negotiated whereby the city could perhaps get a percentage of the money raised there.
     Council person Upton recently attended a League of Municipalities meeting.  He noted other cities have the league collect overdue accounts such as electric, water, sewer etc.  The League charges $25.00 and collects past due monies from tax refunds.  The $25.00 fee is rolled into the collections therefore it cost the cities nothing.  The city clerk was task with doing a resolution to this effect and the city will broach it at the next meeting.  Council person Skinner stated the Gas Board already employees this method of collection and it works well for them.
     Council person Fountain asked Economic Director Bobby Skipper what was in the works for new businesses coming to Evergreen.  Mr. Skipper responded that there are 3 businesses at the Liberty Hill development in the building stage.  Expected income from these businesses $80-100,000.00 per year.  This money will go back into the cooperative district.
     The question arose as to when the city could expect to get some of the $400,000.00 back from loans to the cooperative district.  Mayor Wolff asked Mr. Skipper about money available to the cooperative district.  Mr. Skipper advised that after making their $300,000.00 bond payment roughly $50,000.00 would be available.  Mr. Skipper invited any concerned about business and Evergreen, please come by his office and he’ll gladly show them what’s on schedule.
     Mr. Skipper did note that Wal Mart has signed a least on the old Gerber Building to utilized it for storage while a local Wal Mart store undergoes renovation.  Also another unidentified company is negotiating a least on the Gerber Building.  At this time no other information was available.
     It was announced Tenax is closing down one of its major facilities and relocating it to Evergreen.  This should bring in about 80 additional jobs.
     Council person Caylor noted that an executive session was needed to discuss the applications for the city clerk position.
     Motion for executive session made and passed.  Session started at 6:23 PM.
     Return to regular session 6:59.
     Three names announced for interviews to the clerk position are:  Kenya Davis; Greg Griffin and Mike Hitson,current Interim City Clerk.
     Council person Fountain directed the Interim City Clerk to notify al interviewees by certified letter.

Motion to Adjourn:  7:02


     Move over California, Evergreen is on its way to matching you.  Colorado, we’re going to prove you can’t capture all the good stuff in the world.
     Yep folks, look for good ol’ Evergreen Alabama to make a wild and lurid attempt at becoming another first for the great state of Alabama, you know the place where governors buy their way to safety by appointing attorney generals to senator positions, the place where these same governors negotiate their way out of jail by pleading to lesser charges and resigning, the place where bedroom debauchery in all 3 governors mansions is the word of the week, the place where a cuckholded husband can gain a cushy, paid position by the governor.  Ah yes, send me Lord, send me, but only to poke fun.
     Evergreen (and Conecuh County), not content to be the sausage capitol of the world, continues to seek its way too cheap fame by creating another staggering first. 
     All these first and/or capitols of are becoming confusing.  I suppose if you can’t be well known for one thing just keep throwing other things out there and hope, like a ball of Velcro, it’ll stick somewhere.  Just to name a few that come to mind:  SERFI (a proud claim to fame), home of Conecuh Sausage, (great anytime but best for breakfast), Collard Green Capitol, (not bad but starting to grasp at straws), Bigfoot Capitol of Alabama, (dubious honor to say the least), the only county in the state that must have election observers as per the Department of Justice, (yes we can get national attention) and I’m sure the list could go on and on but I don’t want to take attention away from the “BIG MOVEMENT.” 
     The latest move as shown of Channel 23 news gives us the topper for recent headlines.  “City of Evergreen to Vote on the Legalization of Medical Marijuana.”  Use to be a bottle of hooch hid in a rotten stump was all the Kickapoo joy juice one needed to attain that artificial high some seem to seek.  I wonder if the City will administer this program.  I’ve heard Denver is making a great deal of money off their legalization of this product, perhaps it this kicks off electric bills can come down. 
     I wonder if this move is made to help keep one of our most “prominent” citizens in business, after all, it’s only been a few weeks since the state and federal officers arrested District Three Commissioner Johnny Andrews for distribution of drugs.  It just so happens Andrews serves on boards with the Mayor and some Council people.  I’m in the wondering mode that perhaps this “medical marijuana” move might get retroactive approval and the cause for charges against Andrew might well disappear ‘cause it isn’t illegal now.
     Just in case people can’t seem to pick up what I’m putting down, I’m not a fan of mind altering drugs in any form, liquid or solid.  I can get high on life as it’s laid out.  You all now have the information, it’s supposedly scheduled to be on the agenda for Tuesday, 2 May 2017.   

County Commission Meeting 24 April 2017
Call to order by Chairman Millender at 9 AM.  Invocation offered by Commissioner Byrd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
All members were present for roll call.
The agenda and previous minutes were approved as read.
     One new hire at the jail to fill the position of nurse.  There were 46.25 hours of overtime.
     Motion to approve payroll/personnel report made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

Claims Approval:
     There were no claims over the limit in either the gasoline or general fund.
     Motion to pay the bills made by Commissioner Riley, seconded by Commissioner Byrd and met with unanimous positive vote.
Conecuh Safe Room:
     Keys were the topic of conversation for the safe room at today’s meeting.  There will be a total of 17 keys issued, 5 of which will be master keys with access to all doors.  The remaining 12 keys will fit different spaces with restricted access to those key holders.
Sheriff’s Report:
     Sheriff Brock noted that, as directed, bid packets have been sent out for the remodeling of lights in the jail.  All bids should be in by the 12 June meeting and are scheduled to be opened at 9:30 AM on that date.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee had nothing to report.  When questioned about bushhogging starting he informed the commission body it will commence next Monday.  Mr. Foshee gave an update on the city garden noting that, to his knowledge, everything had been completed as to his part.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Brown advised the commission she had a labor quote $375.00 from Mr. Willie Johnson as to the cost of repairs to a wooden fence section at DHR.
     Ms. Brown also noted she had quotes for repair/replacement of the outside wheelchair lift.  Repair estimate $7,134.62, replacement with the lift being inside an enclosure, $26,354.08.  The strongest recommendation was to replace the unit with an enclosed unit to protect the lift components from the elements.  The commission asked Ms. Brown to get the plans submitted and bid the job out. 
     Ms. Brown noted there is a backup of documents needing shredding.  She was directed to start the process to get the shredding company to handle it.
     The commission received a check from ACCA for $13,000.00 for meeting safety goals.
     There will be a chamber appreciation dinner at the Depot.
     Ms. Brown issued a thank you to me for furnishing a replacement U. S. Flag for the Government Center.
     There is some confusion on the hospital loan situation discussed at previous meetings.  A work session style meeting will be held after the next commission meeting to ensure everyone gets on the same page as to how this is to be handled.
County Attorney:
     Not present
Commissioners comments and announcements:
     Commissioner Riley noted he has been asked several times if there is any way to utilized some mosquito control action at the E-911/Engineering Department.
It was noted that general area is a swamp and wetlands however Engineer Foshee will touch base with the city about spraying.
Media Comments: 
     Merit Board nominations were to have been turned in to Ms. Lee by last Thursday.  She presented this list to the commission body and is as follows:
1.     Mary Moncrease.
2.     Willie Crutchfield
3.     Franz Killebrew
4.     Jerome Boykin
5.     Nell Stolt
6.     Leon Windham
7.     Clayton Campbell
8.     Homer Lyons
9.     Donna Griffin
10.  Cody Kidwell
     The commission body will choose 5 of these people to make up the merit board.

Adjourn:  9:49

City Council 18 May 2017
Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier
Call to Order by Mayor Wolff
Roll Call showed all members present.  Attorney Hartley not available.
Previous Minutes approved as read.
Mayor’s Report & Comments:
     Mayor Wolff read a letter received from attorneys involved in the BP Oil Settlement.  Mayor Wolff said he has attempted to call them several times but has not yet made contact.
     The Mayor proposed asking for sponsors for the ballfields at the park.  A total of $320,000.00 is needed to complete the 4 fields.  Anyone interested in sponsoring a ballfield please contact city hall.  The field will be named after them and a plaque will be put in place.
Old Business:
     Bids were let for the maintenance of Jordan, Magnolia and the Old Evergreen Cemetery.  3 bids were returned:
1.     Exclusive Lawn Care bid $2,000.00.
2.     Tranum Lawn Care bid $2,125.00
3.     Garrett Lawn Care $1,169.00
     Motion to accept low bid made by Council Person Upton, 2 by Council Person Skinner. 
     During discussion Council Person Davis had questions about what area the lawn cutting would involve, such as the grass growing around the fence.  Mr. Sullivan responded that the lawn care was strictly for grass cutting within the cemetery.  Ms. Davis stated the grass around the fence needed attention too.  She complained that Superintendent Sullivan was ignoring her district and providing better care to the other districts.  Mr. Sullivan informed Ms. Davis her district received more attention from his department than any other district and he has paperwork to back up the amount of time spent in each district that he could make available for review.
     Mayor Wolff stated he knew where and what Ms. Davis’s problems lay and he would show Mr. Sullivan on Wednesday, 19 May.
     When the motion to hire Garrett came for a vote, it passed unanimously.
     A resolution on declaration of public nuisance (unsafe structure) and overgrown weeds, debris, abandoned or junked vehicles was tabled because the attorney was not on hand.
New Business:
1.    An ABC licenses for Fred’s was approved by unanimous vote.
2.    Mr. Darwin Nix, who has recently returned to Evergreen, approached the council about placing art work (murals) on some of the downtown buildings.  He proposed placing a painting on the Old Bank of Evergreen and at the former Harriett Hyde Studio.  Mr. Nix intended to approach the Council of Arts in Montgomery about getting a grant but even then, it will be a 50-50 match from the city.  Along with the matching funds he requested the city buy the paint and furnish him with a lift.
Council Person Davis advised that, in her opinion, this could not be paid from city funds.  Mayor Wolff suggested Mr. Nix contact the Downtown Re-development  Board for funding.
3.    A resolution for the Sales Tax Holiday to be held on 21-23 July passed unanimously.
4.    It was noted several citizens have requested both speed limit and no loitering signage be placed on MLK Drive.  Mr. Sullivan noted he did not have the authority to lower the speed limit but he could take the “no loitering” request for action and would do so.
     A citizen was recognized by Mayor Wolff.  This citizen questioned as why there were no speed limit signs on the upper end of South Main Street.  He noted that anyone turning from Hwy. 31/84 onto South Main going toward the hospital will not be aware of the speed.  Mayor Wolff stated he will contact the police department and attempt to get some speed limit signs posted.
     Council Person Fountain addressed the lack of a City Clerk.  She noted it has been more than 2 years since the city had a dedicated, actual clerk in place.
     It was determined that a work session and review of applications needed to take place.  A work session will be considered at the end of the next meeting and the best qualified applicants will be considered for interviews.
Accounts Payable:
     Approved by unanimous vote.

Adjourn:  6:40 PM 

Conecuh Commission Meeting 10 April 2017
Call to order by Chairman Millender at 9 AM.  Prayer offered by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll call revealed all members present.
The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.
Payroll/personnel report:
     2 new hires in the jail corrections officer.  1 separation in the jail corrections program.
     There were 25 hours and 50 minutes of overtime with 13.5 at the sheriffs department, 3 hours in the probate office and 8 hours for district one.
     Approved by unanimous vote.
     Ms. Lee also requested the commission allow her to send a memo to all department heads asking that time sheets be submitted by noon Monday on payday weeks so she will have time to get all the checks cut.  This was put in the form of a motion and passed by unanimous vote.
Claims Approval:
     Under the General fund 3 claims in excess of the $500.00 limit required approval.
     Under the Gasoline fund 4 claims in excess of the $3,000.00 required approval.
     2 of the gasoline fund claims dealt with upgrades to the jail.
     Motion to approve claims passed by unanimous vote.
Conecuh Safe Room:
     Grant writer Cara Stallman advised that another invoice in the amount of $133,034.00 had been received.  Commissioner andrews motioned that the invoice be paid.
     Chairman Millender asked how much money from previous invoices had been received back.  It was noted that no grant funds have come back in yet and there are 2 already paid invoices. 
     andrews withdrew his motion when it became obvious it would not receive a second.
     The commission determined they would hold off on paying thins invoice until some reimbursement from the grant funds were paid.
Sheriff’s Report:
     Sheriff Brock reported the jail lights had been worked on and were operating in great form. 
     He also reported the old police vehicles had to be stripped of all lights installed.  He also noted he has been in contact with a local recycle dealer about purchasing and towing these obsolete vehicles away. 
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee informed the commission body he had a resolution that needed approval and signature dealing with the ALADOT/county agreement dealing with the resurfacing of County Road 85.  Done.
     He also reported a new bushhog has been received and is in use now.  He stated another new bushhog should be in sometime this month and they would continue using the old one until then.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Brown informed the commission body the tax exempt “back to school” date has been changed.  The date the state has set for the tax exempt is 21-23 July 2017.  This date was also adopted by the commission body to fit Conecuh’s needs.
     She reported that the County Coroner Mike Lambert had submitted an email requesting an appointment to the position of Deputy Coroner.  After discussion it was determined the county would not put the deputy coroner on the county payroll any monies earned would be the responsibility of the coroner.  Also, they determined the county would not pay for any training for the position.
     Mr. Lambert advised that a necessary training program for the position would be going into session today, 11 April 2017 and he could not pay for the cost of sending the deputy coroner to the school.  After much discussion the commission, with the input of legal advice from the county attorney, determined they could pay for the cost of the schooling. 
     Mr. Lambert nominated Mr. Lee Crowder to the position and it was approved by unanimous vote.
     Ms. Brown again addressed the merit board appointment situation.  It was noted that nominations for the merit board were determined by the following.  The engineering/road department has 3 nominations to submit, 3 nominations are to come from the courthouse and 3 nominations from the commissioners.  From these nominations it will be the responsibility of the commission body to appoint 5 person to the merit board.
     Commissioner Millender stated he thought some confusion existed in the nomination process.  He noted that no county employee that has been retired from the county for less than 2 years is eligible.  He also stated he’d had reports and phone calls that some nominees names had been tossed when they were turned in.  He directed that nominations be resubmitted and ready for appointment by the next meeting.  In the event some of the nominating bodies had more than 3 names turned in the highest three vote getters were to be the names submitted.
     Commissioner Millender directed that Ms. Lee be the contact point for the merit board nomination and will be the person to spearhead these nominations through.  Any questions please direct them to Ms. Lee.
County Attorney:
     Nothing to report as per Mr. Bishop.
Commissioners Comments and announcements:
      andrews asked about any response from the hospital loan request.  As per the attorney, nothing yet.
     Superintendent of Education, Dr. Byrd, has sent a letter to the commission asking for their support in the Magnet School project he is working on.  The commissioners stated the letter he had written looked great to them and voted to accept it as submitted.
     Chairman Millender noted that some customer of Southern Pine had complained about both the smell and appearance of the animal shelter located next door.  Commissioner Riley will take this for action.
     Commissioner Riley brought up a request for help with the previously discussed community garden project.  He stated he had been approached for help with grading a pad for it plus perhaps a few loads of dirt.  After discussion it was determined that this could and would be a good project for the area and there would be minimal cost to it.  A motion to proceed was made and passed by unanimous vote.
     Commissioner Millender noted that the appearance around the courthouse has deteriorated and some action needs to be taken to get it back up to speed.  He asked Commissioner Riley, who owns a landscaping business, if he would look at things, come up with suggestions and ideas and pass them to the county engineer for action.  Commissioner Riley stated he would gladly do so.
     Commissioner Campbell noted the flag at the courthouse has deteriorated badly.  It was determined the flag needed replacing.  I volunteered to furnish the county with a replacement flag.

     Motion to adjourn approved at 10:53 AM.

This is an opportunity I just can't pass up.
For all of those who thought Johnny Andrews had a belly tattoo I furnish the following as proof otherwise:

Picture courtesy of Jim Allen, owner and publisher of The Monthly View

District 3 Commissioner Johnny Andrews at "Dr Dino's" Compound In Lenox

 For more info visit Jim Allen's Website at:

Just how much fun can you have with this?  Contributions accepted by email.

1.  After a rousting round of "SHOW ME YOUR BELLY BUTTON" at the Dinosaur Adventure Land meeting District Three Commissioner Johnny Andrews breaks out in laughter because he doesn't have one.

2.  Just give me a minute to get out of my new shirt and I'll show you whose gonna do what!!!!

3.  Oops, I meant to wear a button up.

4.  I'm a member of the governing officials of Conecuh County, cloths are optional. 

5.  I didn't realize I'd have get half-clad to star in these youtube movies.

6.  What do you mean about no shirt, no shoes, etc., don't you know who I am?

7.   Hahaha.  Look where I've been hiding the dinosaurs.

8.   District 3 Commissioner Johnny Andrews celebrates winning a "Manspreading" contest and shows us his winning pose. (WARNING: Illegal in some states.)

9.    I haven't had this much fun since I bough my new motor grader.

10.  To heck with giving them another $175,000.00, from now on this is what the IDB can expect from me.


The below list is a listing of what is known as Minor Collector Roads.
The grade number is the current condition of the road.  The higher the number, the better the road.
The roads with lower numbers should be considered first for repaving/repairing.

Why does it seem LENOX is mentioned in all the druggie stuff as of late? 
Check the Evergreen Courant for the week prior to District 3 Commissioner (lives in LENOX) being arrested for distribution.  An arrest at the 4 way stop sign in LENOX, an arrest at the junction of Hwy. 41 and C. R. 7 (going to LENOX) and now, on I-65 at the LENOX exit.
What’s up with that??????
Conecuh County deputies seize hundreds of bottles of 'purple drink'
Sunday, March 26th 2017, 4:38 pm CDTSunday, March 26th 2017, 6:19 pm CDT
By WSFA 12 News Staff

 (Source: Conecuh County Sheriff's Office)

Conecuh County sheriff's deputies seized a total of 822 bottles of "purple drink" Saturday night, according to the Conecuh County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page. 
According to the Facebook post, deputies were conducting a safety check point off Interstate 65, close to the Castleberry/Lenox exit, when they discovered the substance. "Purple drink," also known as "purple rain" or "purple stuff," is a type of cough syrup. 
The entire amount seized is worth $700,000. It is the biggest bust in Conecuh County history. 

Copyright 2017 WSFA 12 News. All rights reserved.

     By all appearances Evergreen has one more rejection and one more lost opportunity. 
     On Monday, 27 March, the city received a letter from Wal Mart advising that Wal Mart is not interested in coming to our little acre of earth.  This after the multi-person Evergreen entourage visit to Wal Mart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Not totally sure who all made the trip but I know the Mayor and one member of the City Council, Chamber of Commerce/Economic Development Coordinator Bobby Skipper and County Commissioner Johnny Andrews functioning, I suppose, as a member of the Cooperative District Board.  I’m not exactly sure who footed the bill for this trip but I’m positive it can be run to ground if need be.
     Why did Wal Mart elect not to come here?  Who really knows but just think if you were a major business would you come to Conecuh? 
     Let’s take a look see and think about why I would or wouldn’t come here. 
     On the positive side the prime thing that should govern anyone’s way of thinking whether they are buying a house or putting in a business.  I believe the word of the day is location, location, location.  There is no doubt we have a wonderful location.  The weather is not to cold, not to hot, not to violet (even though there is the occasional tornado/hurricane).  We are at a crossroads with I-65 super slab running north and south, Highway 31 running an almost parallel route and good old Highway 84, the El Camino Corridor, running east and west.  We have a modern up to date airport capable of handling some pretty fair sized aircraft, a Greyhound Bus terminal and a beautifully restored Historic Depot.
     There are some buildings of various sizes available in or near town.  An industrial complex begging for business and the continually growing Liberty Hill project.  Housing is not a real problem for any executives that feel they need to be near the business.  Schools???  They are a work in progress.  Living here one is less than a 2 hour drive from Montgomery or Mobile.  Granted we are a little short on entertainment but if we could get that toe in the door that’s very subject to change.
     Those are positives, now let’s examine the detractors. 
     Although I am personally against drugs in any form, the much heralded arrest in Castleberry over the past few years has only shown that our county is a growing conduit for trafficking of illegal substances.  Top that off with the lawsuit(s) against the Town of Castleberry and its police chief and what does that equate too?  It smacks of speed traps and entrapment.  Think of Georgiana and how things were there.  Don’t drive 1 mph over the limit or face a ticket taking money out of one’s pocket.  I’m not advocating that anyone should break the law but I am advocating that the law should administer and use their authority with a little less zeal.
     Would you want to bring your family or business into an environment like that?
     Let us continue to look and again, I’ll go to the problem we face here with drug situations.  In the last few editions of the Evergreen Courant you read about a drug arrest at the 4 way stop in Lenox, well out in the county and on county roads.  Another drug arrest at the intersection of C. R. 7 and Highway 41 near Lenox, still well out in the county.  Next is a stop and arrest on I-65 at the Castleberry & Lenox exit where a record breaking amount of an illegal drink is seized.  Don’t know if that was being transported into our county or was just being transported through it.
     We have the shame of a well-documented arrest of one of our top elected officials, a county commissioner charged with the duty to run our county and manage our assets, arrested on charges of distributing an illicit drug.  In fact this commissioner was part of the visiting party to Wal Mart headquarters.  I'm sure they're impressed. Yes, this would be Johnny Andrews, District 3 Commissioner.
     These examples are only the skimming of the surface of our county.  At one time booking reports of those put in the county jail was available to the populace and were actually reported in the newspaper.  One could determine who and what charges an individual was booked into the jail under, what their bond was and who bonded them out.  It seems as if that information has been pushed to one side as no longer pertinent or needed.
     How many of you knew there were 50 registered sex offenders in Conecuh?  That is the current number listed however, due to death, change of address, etc. no one knows just how accurate that number really is.  Again, no reporting puts people in a position where they don’t know and the sad part is, an awful lot don’t care.   

     If a major company (big business) was looking at coming to Conecuh you can bet your bottom bippy they are looking at these “statistics.”  Again, put yourself in their shoes, can you find more reasons to come to Conecuh or can you find more reasons not to come?   

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