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City Council 18 May 2017
Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier
Call to Order by Mayor Wolff
Roll Call showed all members present.  Attorney Hartley not available.
Previous Minutes approved as read.
Mayor’s Report & Comments:
     Mayor Wolff read a letter received from attorneys involved in the BP Oil Settlement.  Mayor Wolff said he has attempted to call them several times but has not yet made contact.
     The Mayor proposed asking for sponsors for the ballfields at the park.  A total of $320,000.00 is needed to complete the 4 fields.  Anyone interested in sponsoring a ballfield please contact city hall.  The field will be named after them and a plaque will be put in place.
Old Business:
     Bids were let for the maintenance of Jordan, Magnolia and the Old Evergreen Cemetery.  3 bids were returned:
1.     Exclusive Lawn Care bid $2,000.00.
2.     Tranum Lawn Care bid $2,125.00
3.     Garrett Lawn Care $1,169.00
     Motion to accept low bid made by Council Person Upton, 2 by Council Person Skinner. 
     During discussion Council Person Davis had questions about what area the lawn cutting would involve, such as the grass growing around the fence.  Mr. Sullivan responded that the lawn care was strictly for grass cutting within the cemetery.  Ms. Davis stated the grass around the fence needed attention too.  She complained that Superintendent Sullivan was ignoring her district and providing better care to the other districts.  Mr. Sullivan informed Ms. Davis her district received more attention from his department than any other district and he has paperwork to back up the amount of time spent in each district that he could make available for review.
     Mayor Wolff stated he knew where and what Ms. Davis’s problems lay and he would show Mr. Sullivan on Wednesday, 19 May.
     When the motion to hire Garrett came for a vote, it passed unanimously.
     A resolution on declaration of public nuisance (unsafe structure) and overgrown weeds, debris, abandoned or junked vehicles was tabled because the attorney was not on hand.
New Business:
1.    An ABC licenses for Fred’s was approved by unanimous vote.
2.    Mr. Darwin Nix, who has recently returned to Evergreen, approached the council about placing art work (murals) on some of the downtown buildings.  He proposed placing a painting on the Old Bank of Evergreen and at the former Harriett Hyde Studio.  Mr. Nix intended to approach the Council of Arts in Montgomery about getting a grant but even then, it will be a 50-50 match from the city.  Along with the matching funds he requested the city buy the paint and furnish him with a lift.
Council Person Davis advised that, in her opinion, this could not be paid from city funds.  Mayor Wolff suggested Mr. Nix contact the Downtown Re-development  Board for funding.
3.    A resolution for the Sales Tax Holiday to be held on 21-23 July passed unanimously.
4.    It was noted several citizens have requested both speed limit and no loitering signage be placed on MLK Drive.  Mr. Sullivan noted he did not have the authority to lower the speed limit but he could take the “no loitering” request for action and would do so.
     A citizen was recognized by Mayor Wolff.  This citizen questioned as why there were no speed limit signs on the upper end of South Main Street.  He noted that anyone turning from Hwy. 31/84 onto South Main going toward the hospital will not be aware of the speed.  Mayor Wolff stated he will contact the police department and attempt to get some speed limit signs posted.
     Council Person Fountain addressed the lack of a City Clerk.  She noted it has been more than 2 years since the city had a dedicated, actual clerk in place.
     It was determined that a work session and review of applications needed to take place.  A work session will be considered at the end of the next meeting and the best qualified applicants will be considered for interviews.
Accounts Payable:
     Approved by unanimous vote.

Adjourn:  6:40 PM 

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