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City Council Meeting 2 May 2017
Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.
Meeting called to order by Mayor Wolff.  All members present for roll call.
The previous minutes were approved as read.
There were no opening remarks from the mayor.
Old Business:
     There was no old business on the agenda.
New Business:
1.     Fire Chief Ricky Nobles noted an Emergency Medical Responders certification course for Evergreen VFD member is available for $170.00 per student.  Computed at 25 students the maximum cost of $4,250.00 to be paid from the Fire Tax Fund.  Motion to approve by Council person Caylor, 2 by Council person Skinner.  Motion received unanimous vote.
2.    Mr. Bobby McNeil reported Hillcrest Apartments behind Jalisco’s restaurant are considered substandard and a “repair or remove” order is being considered.  These apartments are deemed a fire hazard and as of now no new electric meters will be installed.  There are 16 apartments impacted.  A motion to approve the no new installation of electric meters was made by Council person Skinner, 2 by Council person Caylor and received a unanimous vote.
3.    Conecuh County Training School/Thurgood Marshal Alumni Association requested permission to hold a parade in downtown Evergreen on Saturday, July 1, 2017.  To start at 8 AM.  Motion to approve by Council person Davis, 2 by Council person Upton.  Again a unanimous vote.
     Council person Caylor expressed concern over city financials and the personnel handbook.
     To start Mr. Caylor requested the city clerk make available a memo or statement of some nature to explain overtime, items such as how much, who is getting it, etc.  Mr. Caylor also expressed concern as to why the city is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep to the gym at the old high school considering the city does not own this property. 
     In conjunction with these questions from Mr. Caylor, District 5 Representative Davis also wanted to know what happens with money raised at functions/games held there and why there was not accountability of these funds.  Attorney Hartley responded that there were no contracts with management at this facility therefore the city has no control over the activities or money.  Mr. Hartley did suggest that a contract could be negotiated whereby the city could perhaps get a percentage of the money raised there.
     Council person Upton recently attended a League of Municipalities meeting.  He noted other cities have the league collect overdue accounts such as electric, water, sewer etc.  The League charges $25.00 and collects past due monies from tax refunds.  The $25.00 fee is rolled into the collections therefore it cost the cities nothing.  The city clerk was task with doing a resolution to this effect and the city will broach it at the next meeting.  Council person Skinner stated the Gas Board already employees this method of collection and it works well for them.
     Council person Fountain asked Economic Director Bobby Skipper what was in the works for new businesses coming to Evergreen.  Mr. Skipper responded that there are 3 businesses at the Liberty Hill development in the building stage.  Expected income from these businesses $80-100,000.00 per year.  This money will go back into the cooperative district.
     The question arose as to when the city could expect to get some of the $400,000.00 back from loans to the cooperative district.  Mayor Wolff asked Mr. Skipper about money available to the cooperative district.  Mr. Skipper advised that after making their $300,000.00 bond payment roughly $50,000.00 would be available.  Mr. Skipper invited any concerned about business and Evergreen, please come by his office and he’ll gladly show them what’s on schedule.
     Mr. Skipper did note that Wal Mart has signed a least on the old Gerber Building to utilized it for storage while a local Wal Mart store undergoes renovation.  Also another unidentified company is negotiating a least on the Gerber Building.  At this time no other information was available.
     It was announced Tenax is closing down one of its major facilities and relocating it to Evergreen.  This should bring in about 80 additional jobs.
     Council person Caylor noted that an executive session was needed to discuss the applications for the city clerk position.
     Motion for executive session made and passed.  Session started at 6:23 PM.
     Return to regular session 6:59.
     Three names announced for interviews to the clerk position are:  Kenya Davis; Greg Griffin and Mike Hitson,current Interim City Clerk.
     Council person Fountain directed the Interim City Clerk to notify al interviewees by certified letter.

Motion to Adjourn:  7:02

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