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Commission Meeting 8 May 2017
Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Millender.
Invocation offered by Commissioner Campbell followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
All members present for roll call.
The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.
Payroll/personnel report:
1.    No personnel changes noted, a total of 22.5 hours of overtime was approved.
2.    Merit board nominee names were discussed.  Commissioners Riley, Campbell and andrews stated their nominees names were not on the list.  Chairman Millender noted that the last discussion on nominees, occurring at the 1 commission meeting of April, was all names were to be submitted by the last Thursday prior to the last commission meeting in April.  If names were not submitted during that time frame they would not be placed on the list.
Commissioner Riley offered a suggestion that all commissioners submit a list of names of their choices for the merit board then compare these list for selection to the merit board.  No further action came forth on merit board selection.
3.    It was noted Liberty National Insurance has an open enrollment period for those desiring to participate in the program.  17 May at 9 AM.
Claims approval:
     There were no claims over the $500.00 limit for approval.
      There were 2 claims over the $3,000.00 limit.  Motion to approve passed    
Conecuh County Safe Room:
     Grant Writer Cara Stallman provided a drawdown summary on monies spent.  She noted a $35,000.00 + check, along with one other check to the commission was still outstanding (monies back from the grant funding).
     She also noted that 2 other invoices are waiting for approval.  The commission body approved payment of the outstanding invoices upon receiving the outstanding funds coming back to the county.
     Ms. Stallman asked for a public hearing be rescheduled in conjunction with resubmitions of water grants.
Revenue Commissioner:
     Mr. Jimmy Bell came before the commission to explain a situation in his office and accept credit/blame for it.  Mr. Bell had operated under the premise he had the authority to allow his people to take time off from work without a pay loss.  When it was discovered this had occurred the workers’ pay had been docked.  Mr. Bell was coming before the commission body asking them to override the taking away of pay and allow the workers to receive this pay.
     Chairman Millender explained to Mr. Bell the commission body cannot allow pay for hours not worked, in fact it was an ethics violation bordering on fraud for an employee to submit a false time card.  Mr. Millender suggested Mr. Bell review the employees handbook and the Alabama Ethics Laws.
     It was noted that, should Mr. Bell desire to, he could make up the lost pay to the employees in out of pocket funds.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Winston Foshee spoke of 3 large water tanks being maintained on the yard.  Mr. Foshee said these tanks were not being used and he wished to declare them surplus and get rid of them.
     Mr. Johnny Brock, EMA Director, noted these tanks were useful and needed to be held on too.  He noted they were on hand to supply water to certain areas in the event of any problems.  He also noted these tanks had been transported to the hospital once during a water problem there.
     Bottom line, tanks will stay in place.
     Mr. Foshee noted he has an older model F-150 pickup with numerous miles on it.  He stated the truck still ran but was extremely unreliable.  He desires to place it on the surplus list and make it go away.  Motion to approve this measure was accepted and passed by unanimous vote.
     A commissioner advised the engineer he had received complaints about the side cutter not going cutting high enough to protect some of the higher vehicles such as big trucks and school buses.  Mr. Foshee will take for action to correct.
County Administrator:
1.    Ms. Brown noted she had an ABC request for consideration.  This request was for an on premises sale to be located in District One near the county line on Highway 31.
Commissioner Campbell, District One Commissioner, noted he had received a petition with several signatures on it in opposition to this establishment, therefore he was not in favor of approving this request.
Mr. Eddie Rudolph, requester, was on hand and asked to speak.  Chairman Millender granted his request.  Mr. Rudolph noted Conecuh was his home and, after working and living away from Conecuh, he had returned home.  He stated he simply wanted to open a business to continue earning income.  He also noted he had talked to neighbors in the area and none of them showed opposition to his business.  He stated that, just like Mr. Campbell with his chicken houses, he simply wanted to have his own business.
Chairman Millender noted that it was commission policy to support the commissioner of the district in which these request were made therefore Mr. Rudolph’s request was denied.  He did advise Mr. Rudolph that other avenues were open for him to pursue this request.
2.    ALATOM has sent a request for a designation letter dealing with transportation.  This is an annual request and was approved by unanimous vote.
3.    Ms. Brown noted that two members of the DHR Board have reached the end of their appointment times but they desire to continue to serve and asked for re-appointment.  Request granted.
4.    The outside chair lift repair came before the commission again.  It was decided to send out bid request for this repair and broach the subject again at the 1 meeting in June.
5.    Ms. Brown noted she had received a payment of $17,909.25 from the ACCA.  This is a longevity bonus.
County Attorney:
     Not available.
Commissioner Comments and Announcements:
1.    A work session meeting with Evergreen Economic Director is scheduled for 15 May at 10 AM.
2.    Ms. Janelle Riley, local Red Cross representative has submitted a request for an office space in the Government Center.  Her current space is much larger than needed.  After discussion two of the spaces in the back hall were designated to the Red Cross.
3.    Chairman Millender noted how much better the hallway floor looks since being buffed out by a new source.  He noted that he had an estimate of $950.00 for the upper level hallway floor.  Motion to do the upstairs floor passed by unanimous vote.
4.    andrews noted that in light of the situation with Mr. Bell’s office the commission might wish to install a fingerprint read time clock.
News Media:  No comment

Adjourn:  9:56 AM  

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