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County Commission Meeting 24 April 2017
Call to order by Chairman Millender at 9 AM.  Invocation offered by Commissioner Byrd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
All members were present for roll call.
The agenda and previous minutes were approved as read.
     One new hire at the jail to fill the position of nurse.  There were 46.25 hours of overtime.
     Motion to approve payroll/personnel report made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

Claims Approval:
     There were no claims over the limit in either the gasoline or general fund.
     Motion to pay the bills made by Commissioner Riley, seconded by Commissioner Byrd and met with unanimous positive vote.
Conecuh Safe Room:
     Keys were the topic of conversation for the safe room at today’s meeting.  There will be a total of 17 keys issued, 5 of which will be master keys with access to all doors.  The remaining 12 keys will fit different spaces with restricted access to those key holders.
Sheriff’s Report:
     Sheriff Brock noted that, as directed, bid packets have been sent out for the remodeling of lights in the jail.  All bids should be in by the 12 June meeting and are scheduled to be opened at 9:30 AM on that date.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee had nothing to report.  When questioned about bushhogging starting he informed the commission body it will commence next Monday.  Mr. Foshee gave an update on the city garden noting that, to his knowledge, everything had been completed as to his part.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Brown advised the commission she had a labor quote $375.00 from Mr. Willie Johnson as to the cost of repairs to a wooden fence section at DHR.
     Ms. Brown also noted she had quotes for repair/replacement of the outside wheelchair lift.  Repair estimate $7,134.62, replacement with the lift being inside an enclosure, $26,354.08.  The strongest recommendation was to replace the unit with an enclosed unit to protect the lift components from the elements.  The commission asked Ms. Brown to get the plans submitted and bid the job out. 
     Ms. Brown noted there is a backup of documents needing shredding.  She was directed to start the process to get the shredding company to handle it.
     The commission received a check from ACCA for $13,000.00 for meeting safety goals.
     There will be a chamber appreciation dinner at the Depot.
     Ms. Brown issued a thank you to me for furnishing a replacement U. S. Flag for the Government Center.
     There is some confusion on the hospital loan situation discussed at previous meetings.  A work session style meeting will be held after the next commission meeting to ensure everyone gets on the same page as to how this is to be handled.
County Attorney:
     Not present
Commissioners comments and announcements:
     Commissioner Riley noted he has been asked several times if there is any way to utilized some mosquito control action at the E-911/Engineering Department.
It was noted that general area is a swamp and wetlands however Engineer Foshee will touch base with the city about spraying.
Media Comments: 
     Merit Board nominations were to have been turned in to Ms. Lee by last Thursday.  She presented this list to the commission body and is as follows:
1.     Mary Moncrease.
2.     Willie Crutchfield
3.     Franz Killebrew
4.     Jerome Boykin
5.     Nell Stolt
6.     Leon Windham
7.     Clayton Campbell
8.     Homer Lyons
9.     Donna Griffin
10.  Cody Kidwell
     The commission body will choose 5 of these people to make up the merit board.

Adjourn:  9:49

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