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Conecuh Commission Meeting 10 April 2017
Call to order by Chairman Millender at 9 AM.  Prayer offered by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll call revealed all members present.
The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.
Payroll/personnel report:
     2 new hires in the jail corrections officer.  1 separation in the jail corrections program.
     There were 25 hours and 50 minutes of overtime with 13.5 at the sheriffs department, 3 hours in the probate office and 8 hours for district one.
     Approved by unanimous vote.
     Ms. Lee also requested the commission allow her to send a memo to all department heads asking that time sheets be submitted by noon Monday on payday weeks so she will have time to get all the checks cut.  This was put in the form of a motion and passed by unanimous vote.
Claims Approval:
     Under the General fund 3 claims in excess of the $500.00 limit required approval.
     Under the Gasoline fund 4 claims in excess of the $3,000.00 required approval.
     2 of the gasoline fund claims dealt with upgrades to the jail.
     Motion to approve claims passed by unanimous vote.
Conecuh Safe Room:
     Grant writer Cara Stallman advised that another invoice in the amount of $133,034.00 had been received.  Commissioner andrews motioned that the invoice be paid.
     Chairman Millender asked how much money from previous invoices had been received back.  It was noted that no grant funds have come back in yet and there are 2 already paid invoices. 
     andrews withdrew his motion when it became obvious it would not receive a second.
     The commission determined they would hold off on paying thins invoice until some reimbursement from the grant funds were paid.
Sheriff’s Report:
     Sheriff Brock reported the jail lights had been worked on and were operating in great form. 
     He also reported the old police vehicles had to be stripped of all lights installed.  He also noted he has been in contact with a local recycle dealer about purchasing and towing these obsolete vehicles away. 
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee informed the commission body he had a resolution that needed approval and signature dealing with the ALADOT/county agreement dealing with the resurfacing of County Road 85.  Done.
     He also reported a new bushhog has been received and is in use now.  He stated another new bushhog should be in sometime this month and they would continue using the old one until then.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Brown informed the commission body the tax exempt “back to school” date has been changed.  The date the state has set for the tax exempt is 21-23 July 2017.  This date was also adopted by the commission body to fit Conecuh’s needs.
     She reported that the County Coroner Mike Lambert had submitted an email requesting an appointment to the position of Deputy Coroner.  After discussion it was determined the county would not put the deputy coroner on the county payroll any monies earned would be the responsibility of the coroner.  Also, they determined the county would not pay for any training for the position.
     Mr. Lambert advised that a necessary training program for the position would be going into session today, 11 April 2017 and he could not pay for the cost of sending the deputy coroner to the school.  After much discussion the commission, with the input of legal advice from the county attorney, determined they could pay for the cost of the schooling. 
     Mr. Lambert nominated Mr. Lee Crowder to the position and it was approved by unanimous vote.
     Ms. Brown again addressed the merit board appointment situation.  It was noted that nominations for the merit board were determined by the following.  The engineering/road department has 3 nominations to submit, 3 nominations are to come from the courthouse and 3 nominations from the commissioners.  From these nominations it will be the responsibility of the commission body to appoint 5 person to the merit board.
     Commissioner Millender stated he thought some confusion existed in the nomination process.  He noted that no county employee that has been retired from the county for less than 2 years is eligible.  He also stated he’d had reports and phone calls that some nominees names had been tossed when they were turned in.  He directed that nominations be resubmitted and ready for appointment by the next meeting.  In the event some of the nominating bodies had more than 3 names turned in the highest three vote getters were to be the names submitted.
     Commissioner Millender directed that Ms. Lee be the contact point for the merit board nomination and will be the person to spearhead these nominations through.  Any questions please direct them to Ms. Lee.
County Attorney:
     Nothing to report as per Mr. Bishop.
Commissioners Comments and announcements:
      andrews asked about any response from the hospital loan request.  As per the attorney, nothing yet.
     Superintendent of Education, Dr. Byrd, has sent a letter to the commission asking for their support in the Magnet School project he is working on.  The commissioners stated the letter he had written looked great to them and voted to accept it as submitted.
     Chairman Millender noted that some customer of Southern Pine had complained about both the smell and appearance of the animal shelter located next door.  Commissioner Riley will take this for action.
     Commissioner Riley brought up a request for help with the previously discussed community garden project.  He stated he had been approached for help with grading a pad for it plus perhaps a few loads of dirt.  After discussion it was determined that this could and would be a good project for the area and there would be minimal cost to it.  A motion to proceed was made and passed by unanimous vote.
     Commissioner Millender noted that the appearance around the courthouse has deteriorated and some action needs to be taken to get it back up to speed.  He asked Commissioner Riley, who owns a landscaping business, if he would look at things, come up with suggestions and ideas and pass them to the county engineer for action.  Commissioner Riley stated he would gladly do so.
     Commissioner Campbell noted the flag at the courthouse has deteriorated badly.  It was determined the flag needed replacing.  I volunteered to furnish the county with a replacement flag.

     Motion to adjourn approved at 10:53 AM.

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