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This is an opportunity I just can't pass up.
For all of those who thought Johnny Andrews had a belly tattoo I furnish the following as proof otherwise:

Picture courtesy of Jim Allen, owner and publisher of The Monthly View

District 3 Commissioner Johnny Andrews at "Dr Dino's" Compound In Lenox

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Just how much fun can you have with this?  Contributions accepted by email.

1.  After a rousting round of "SHOW ME YOUR BELLY BUTTON" at the Dinosaur Adventure Land meeting District Three Commissioner Johnny Andrews breaks out in laughter because he doesn't have one.

2.  Just give me a minute to get out of my new shirt and I'll show you whose gonna do what!!!!

3.  Oops, I meant to wear a button up.

4.  I'm a member of the governing officials of Conecuh County, cloths are optional. 

5.  I didn't realize I'd have get half-clad to star in these youtube movies.

6.  What do you mean about no shirt, no shoes, etc., don't you know who I am?

7.   Hahaha.  Look where I've been hiding the dinosaurs.

8.   District 3 Commissioner Johnny Andrews celebrates winning a "Manspreading" contest and shows us his winning pose. (WARNING: Illegal in some states.)

9.    I haven't had this much fun since I bough my new motor grader.

10.  To heck with giving them another $175,000.00, from now on this is what the IDB can expect from me.

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