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Due to the current situation I will be relinquishing the web site to my wife Tess as I will be busy working on my appeal.  If anyone has recommendations, suggestions or concerns, please go thru her.

In the meantime I'm putting things together to get my appeal put in.  Only 42 days from last Friday so time is of the essence. 

Welcome to Conecuh County News and Views LLC.  

Hopefully you'll look at what we offer and become a regular visitor with many returns.

Our goal is to keep you up to date with what is going on within our county and keep you posted as to the actions of our elected officials.

Some of what you see will probably not sit well with you, some of what you see may well irritate you, some of what you see may well surprise you.  Whatever emotion you feel, please be objective and understand everything here is not to please you but to inform the public.

If you can't seem to find something you're looking for remember the archives.  Archive 1 is the older "stuff" and Archive 2 is the more current.  If you're still having difficulty, please contact me for help.

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