Information, Information, More Information -
     Move over California, Evergreen is on its way to matching you.  Colorado, we’re going to prove you can’t capture all the good stuff in the world.
     Yep folks, look for good ol’ Evergreen Alabama to make a wild and lurid attempt at becoming another first for the great state of Alabama, you know the place where governors buy their way to safety by appointing attorney generals to senator positions, the place where these same governors negotiate their way out of jail by pleading to lesser charges and resigning, the place where bedroom debauchery in all 3 governors mansions is the word of the week, the place where a cuckholded husband can gain a cushy, paid position by the governor.  Ah yes, send me Lord, send me, but only to poke fun.
     Evergreen (and Conecuh County), not content to be the sausage capitol of the world, continues to seek its way too cheap fame by creating another staggering first. 
     All these first and/or capitols of are becoming confusing.  I suppose if you can’t be well known for one thing just keep throwing other things out there and hope, like a ball of Velcro, it’ll stick somewhere.  Just to name a few that come to mind:  SERFI (a proud claim to fame), home of Conecuh Sausage, (great anytime but best for breakfast), Collard Green Capitol, (not bad but starting to grasp at straws), Bigfoot Capitol of Alabama, (dubious honor to say the least), the only county in the state that must have election observers as per the Department of Justice, (yes we can get national attention) and I’m sure the list could go on and on but I don’t want to take attention away from the “BIG MOVEMENT.” 
     The latest move as shown of Channel 23 news gives us the topper for recent headlines.  “City of Evergreen to Vote on the Legalization of Medical Marijuana.”  Use to be a bottle of hooch hid in a rotten stump was all the Kickapoo joy juice one needed to attain that artificial high some seem to seek.  I wonder if the City will administer this program.  I’ve heard Denver is making a great deal of money off their legalization of this product, perhaps it this kicks off electric bills can come down. 
     I wonder if this move is made to help keep one of our most “prominent” citizens in business, after all, it’s only been a few weeks since the state and federal officers arrested District Three Commissioner Johnny Andrews for distribution of drugs.  It just so happens Andrews serves on boards with the Mayor and some Council people.  I’m in the wondering mode that perhaps this “medical marijuana” move might get retroactive approval and the cause for charges against Andrew might well disappear ‘cause it isn’t illegal now.
     Just in case people can’t seem to pick up what I’m putting down, I’m not a fan of mind altering drugs in any form, liquid or solid.  I can get high on life as it’s laid out.  You all now have the information, it’s supposedly scheduled to be on the agenda for Tuesday, 2 May 2017.   

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