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Why does it seem LENOX is mentioned in all the druggie stuff as of late? 
Check the Evergreen Courant for the week prior to District 3 Commissioner (lives in LENOX) being arrested for distribution.  An arrest at the 4 way stop sign in LENOX, an arrest at the junction of Hwy. 41 and C. R. 7 (going to LENOX) and now, on I-65 at the LENOX exit.
What’s up with that??????
Conecuh County deputies seize hundreds of bottles of 'purple drink'
Sunday, March 26th 2017, 4:38 pm CDTSunday, March 26th 2017, 6:19 pm CDT
By WSFA 12 News Staff

 (Source: Conecuh County Sheriff's Office)

Conecuh County sheriff's deputies seized a total of 822 bottles of "purple drink" Saturday night, according to the Conecuh County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page. 
According to the Facebook post, deputies were conducting a safety check point off Interstate 65, close to the Castleberry/Lenox exit, when they discovered the substance. "Purple drink," also known as "purple rain" or "purple stuff," is a type of cough syrup. 
The entire amount seized is worth $700,000. It is the biggest bust in Conecuh County history. 

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