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City Council Meeting 1 Aug 2017
Invocation offered by Mr. Lee Peacock.
Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff. 
Roll Call showed all members present.
Previous Minutes:
     The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.
Mayor’s Report and Comments:
     Mayor Wolff announced the Conecuh Sausage contract for the new building at Liberty Hills was signed last Friday.
     Mayor Wolff announced the city has $298,847.00 in its special gas tax account.
     Council person Upton interjected asking for Council person Caylor to resign for having supposedly violated the ethics law, stating that he had admitted it in the last meeting.  Council person Upton also noted that he wanted Economic Director Bobby Skipper’s resignation too.  Mayor Wolff stated that Mr. Skipper had assured him his resignation was forthcoming. 
     Mayor Wolff moved to regain control of the meeting by noting he was done with the Mayor’s reports and comments.
Old Business:
1.     City Attorney Hartley has drafted an ordinance dealing with the disposal of certain solid waste items.  This ordinance is in response to problems dealing with contractors and other individuals leaving waste materials for the city to dispose of after they completed their jobs.  Will publish a copy of the ordinance in a separate posting.
A motion to suspend the rules so this ordinance could be voted on was approved by unanimous vote.  A following motion to approve the ordinance also received a unanimous vote of approval.
2.      Grant writer Cara Stallman brought forth a pay request *8 for the Safe Room Project.  This project is actually a county project but payments must be routed through the city due to grant requirements.  Motion to approve resulted in a unanimous vote of approval.
3.    Two resolutions dealing with unsafe structure and a declaration of weeds and debris in the Hillcrest Dr. Apartments was submitted by Mr. Bobby McNeil and received approval by unanimous vote.  Mr. McNeil advised he had also sent a letter to the owner of the apartments at the end of Cooper Street requesting they clean up the area around them.  
4.      Mr. McNeil requested approval to clean property at 131 Magnolia Avenue.  These are out of state owners who Mr. McNeil has sent two notifications to asking them to clean their property with no action to date.  A motion to allow the city to clean this property up and put a lien on it was approved by unanimous vote.
New Business:
1.     Ms. Janelle Riley of the Conecuh Oldtown Black Belt Heritage Museum group was recognized.  Ms. Riley came before the council requesting help with the Heritage Museum on Hwy. 84.  Considering the fact the Cultural Center has been sidelined due to problems with the building, Ms. Riley ask that the city help with the ongoing program being headed up by her group.
Attorney Hartley noted the city could not make any contributions due to the group being a private entity.  It was suggest that the local radio station be used to do a fund raiser to help get a roof on the building.
Accounts Payable:
     Approved by unanimous vote.
Motion to go into Executive Session approved at 6:27 PM.
Return to regular session at 6:58 PM.
     Motion made by Council person Upton that the city retains Warren Averett auditing company to audit the books of the Magistrates office for the past 8 years.  Motion passed with Council person Caylor abstaining due to his association with the magistrates office during the time frame the audit was requested.
     Council person Upton brought up the removal of Bobby Skipper from his current position again.  Attorney Hartley stated there was no need to talk of Bobby Skipper again, what was done was done and he was to be gone.

Adjourn:  7:01 

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