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City Council Meeting 17 April 2018
Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier.
Mayor Wolff called the meeting to order at 6 PM.
Roll call was completed when Council person Skinner arrived a few minutes late.
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read. 
Mayor’s report and comments:
     The league of municipalities have a scheduled meeting next month in Montgomery.  The city needs a voting delegate and an alternate.  Council persons Upton, Davis and Caylor plan on attending.  Upton will be the voting delegate with Council person Davis being the alternate.
     The Waffle House opened yesterday (16 April).  Mayor was unable to attend but several of the council members did attend.
Old Business:
     Superintendent Sullivan brought up the mosquito control contract needs to be voted on for renewal.  No change in prices through Lewis Pest Control.  Unanimous vote to renew the contract.
     Financials are going well.  The account and City Clerk are making sure their figures reconcile.
     Transfer of information from the old software to the new software has been started.
     City Clerk noted there will be several advertisements for jobs in this weeks paper.
New Business:
     Cara Stallman advised the County Commission that additional funds were available for the safe room but everything must go through the city because the grant was originally theirs.  It will require extension paperwork to be filed.  Cara and the Clerk has this for action.
     Current street sweeper is in a sad state of affairs.  Mr. Sullivan sent out a leasing request for a sweeper and has received only one response from Ingram.  The proposal from Ingram included a 36 month lease with option to buy.  At the end of the lease period Ingram will buy the machine back if the city does not want it.
     Fire Department equipment needs replacing.  Breathing tanks need replacing due to out of date.  Sunbelt Fire is the only local company that carries the equipment.  Will require the city getting a loan for the purchase.
Account Payable:

Adjourn:  6:19 PM

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