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City Council 19 September 2017
Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier.
Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff, all members present for roll call.
Approval of the minutes:
     Minutes approved with one correction.
Mayor’s Report and Comments:
     The electric department has done a great job in Florida dealing with disaster relief.  Should return tomorrow.
     The airport was opened for storm evacuees however, they have all left now and all is back to normal.
Old Business:
1.     Approve CDBG invoices for the safe room.  Unanimous vote.
2.     Resolution for grant administrators services dealing with park project grant.  Resolution approved by unanimous vote.
3.     Resolution for engineering services for same grant.  Awarded to Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood.
4.     Discussion of employee overtime.  Council person Caylor asked that Superintendents make note of why overtime was approved.  Interim City Clerk Hinson noted this was already being done on time cards.  Mayor Wolff and Attorney Hartley stated there needed to be a change in the Magistrates business routine.  By law anyone arrested must be brought before the magistrate for bond hearing.  The current magistrate has been going to the county jail to cover this but, for future reference, the police department will bring them to her.  Both Mayor Wolff and the city attorney would have a meeting with the municipal judge and magistrate.  Council person Upton noted that, in his opinion, the positions could be done away with considering the city prosecutor has passed away.
New Business:
1.     2018 severe weather tax holiday is scheduled for 23-25 February 2018.  Motion to this effect passed unanimously.
2.     Halloween trick or treating will be 31 October 2017 (Tuesday).  No further details at this time.
3.     Team Jackson 5K walk/run will be held Saturday 21 October, 8 AM.  Approved by unanimous vote.
4.     Board appointments:
A.    Planning commission needs 2 persons from each district.
B.    Board of adjustments needs 1 person from each district.
C.    Co-operative district currently consist of Mayor Wolff and Council person Upton however, their terms expired November 27, 2016.  As per Attorney Hartley, they have been operating in an Ultra Vires condition since their terms expired.  This is a legal term meaning that anything they have done was beyond their legal power of authority.  The attorney also said any actions or decisions made could be legally questioned.
     Motion by Council person Skinner to keep the same members on the board.  This was seconded by Council person Upton.  Upon call for the vote both Mayor Wolff and Council person Upton along with Council person Skinner voted to keep themselves on the board.  A like number of opposing votes came in from the other council members.  Motion did not carry.  Prior to the tie vote Council person Fountain forwarded the question of “can more people be added to the board.” 
     Attorney Hartley pointed out he had been kept out of the loop when the cooperative district board had been formed and he was in a position he had to call the bond attorney, Barry Staples, when he needed information on the board.
     Council person Upton stated that it was his understanding it had to be an elected official on the board.  Council person Davis corrected him and informed him the wording simply stated to serve on the board one must be a qualified elector.  (Voter),.
     Council person Upton stated that some of the council members were not on the same page then singled out Council person Caylor saying to him that he has problems of his own.
5.     Adoption of Budget for fiscal year 2018:
     Budget presented by Interim City Clerk Hinson.  He noted this was his best guess based on the 2015 audit. Must be adopted prior to 9/30/2017 for benefit of the USDA Library Grant.  Motion carried with Council persons Fountain and Davis abstaining.
     Council person Fountain asked Interim City Clerk Hinson how long is it going to take to get a budget together for the city.  It was noted that Mr. Hinson provides a weekly budget at his other job at Pike Road.
     Council person Fountain questioned the status of Bobby Skipper, is he fired; did he resign?  She noted she had seen him going in and out of the Depot and wanted to know why.  She was advised that he had resigned and she requested from the Interim City Clerk a copy of his resignation paperwork.
Executive Session called for at 6:45 PM for the purpose of discussing personnel issues.
Returned to regular session at 6:52 PM
Accounts payable approved by unanimo0us vote.

Adjourned at 6:55

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