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City Council 20 February 2018
Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.
Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff.
Roll Call showed all members present.
Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as read.
Mayor’s Report and Comments:
     Bower Memorial Church requested permission to hold their annual 5K run.  Motion to approve by Council person Caylor and seconded by Council person Davis.  Motion carried.
     Mayor Wolff announced that the South East Alabama Gas Company return was $95,000.00 for this period.  Council person Skinner sits on the Gas Board and it was declared that this return was to go toward completion of the park.  Motion made followed by a unanimous vote in favor.
Old Business:
1.     Discuss asphalt patching and resurfacing.  The contractor has already started patching based on a list from Superintendent Davis.  Upon completion of the patching work whatever funds left will be used for street paving.
2.     Parks and Recreation report.  Superintendents Sullivan and Martin have stepped up to the plate and assumed the leadership role for getting the park area completed since Mr. Thomas’s retirement.  They brought pictures of what has been accomplished to include the cleanup of the Ever Fun Park, tree removals and the cleanup of the old park areas.  The pond area has had a facelift in the shape of brush and debris removal.  The pool pump at Carver Rec. Center went out.  New parts have been ordered so it should be ready by summer time.  New shatterproof basketball goals are being ordered.  Netting will be installed to prevent balls from rolling downhill.  Toilets at the gym are going to be replaced.
3.     Proclamation for Hillcrest 3A football championship team was tabled because the plaque has not made it back.
4.     Advertisement for a park superintendent has been tabled to allow the city council more time to review and update the requirements.
New Business:
1.    A meeting for Code Officials will be held May 14-17.  The council approved Mr. Bobby McNeil attendance at this event.
2.     The city will be advertising for a bookkeeper soon.  City Clerk, Ms. Smith, advised she has a CPA on hand at this time working on the audit.  2016 books should be ready in a few weeks and 2017 should be ready in two months.
3.     An advertisement will be run for a full time city magistrate.  Job requirements will be taken from the Code of Alabama.  When this issue went to vote Council person Caylor abstained because of his previous position as magistrate.
4.     Fourth of July fireworks show will be held on 3 July.  Everything else remains the same as last year.
5.     Harris Software Company Smart Fusion is ½ the price of the other company the city was working with.  There is still bond money to cover the cost and the council voted to accept Harris’s services.
A pole agreement between the city and Uniti Fiber (Mediacom) was introduced.
This proposal was presented by Mr. Larry Ryland dealing with a pole rental agreement with the aforementioned company.   Some of the council members had not received this proposal and stated that, until they’d had time to read and exam it they would not vote in favor of it.  This proposal was tabled until the next meeting.   
Approval of Accounts:
     The payment of accounts was passed by unanimous vote.

Adjourn:  6:35 PM

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