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City Council 20 June 2017
Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.
Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff.
Roll call showed all members present.
Previous Minutes:
     Approved by unanimous vote.
Mayor’s Report and Comments:
1.    On July 3 the Red Cross Blood Mobile will be at city hall.  Encourage all to donate.
2.    Electrical income is still down creating a monetary hardship.
3.    There is a freeze on hiring and no overtime is authorized.
4.    Sagittarius Entertainment has been hired to provide music for the July 4 fireworks blockbuster.  Cost to city is $200.00.
5.    A motion was made to donate $1,000.00 to the Evergreen Jaguar Youth Football League to help the league cover cost of liability insurance.  Council person Davis asked if the city had the money to donate considering she had no budget to work from.  Mayor Wolff assured Ms. Davis $1,000.00 was available.  Motion passed unanimously.
Old Business:
1.    Resolution 2017-0606-03 to appoint City Clerk.
     Discussion ensued with Council person Davis stating the resolution did not meet the criteria as established and agreed on at a previous meeting. 
     Council person Caylor noted the resolution did not truthfully state the absolute two (2) requirements he included in his recommendation.
     Council person Fountain asked if he (Mr. Hinson) was still employed at Pike Road, a municipally in Montgomery County.  His giving up this position had been one of the stipulations for the Evergreen’s clerk job.  Mr. Hinson advised he had not given up his Pike Road job and had no intentions to do so.  He did note that he had registered to vote in Conecuh County and had a rental unit in Evergreen, another stipulation of his being accepted for the job.
               Council person Fountain noted that Mr. Hinson, the current INTERIM City
          Clerk was being paid $68,000.00 per year.  When advertised, the clerk’s job was
          listed as paying a low of $40,000.00 and a high of $60,000.00.  Another
          requirement noted in the job description was the clerk must keep minutes of the
          meetings, a job Mr. Hinson said he did not want to do.  She noted that Mr. Hinson
          was already being paid $8,000.00 above the maximum and it is an absolute slap
          in the face of the city and city management that an outside person must be hired   
          to keep the minutes the clerk should be keeping.  She also noted that, in her
          opinion, Mr. Hinson displayed a negative attitude toward any elected city officials.
               Ms. Fountain noted that anyone hired into the position should show   
           Unswerving loyalty to the City of Evergreen and be available to perform the job
           during the cities normal working hours.  Ms. Fountain noted that for 3 years
           there has been no budget or financial report available for the City of Evergreen,
           the job Mr. Hinson was hired to do, but she notes that Pike Road gets a weekly
           financial report prepared by Mr. Hinson.
                Council person Davis addressed Council person Upton stating that at the
           previous meeting she was under the opinion the job was to be re-advertised.  ‘  
           Council person Upton responded that he felt the job should be advertised in both
           the league magazine, AUM newspapers and other campus area newsletters.
                Mayor Wolff called for a tabling of this resolution.
2.    Ordinance 2017-0706-01, Mayor’s budget for FYE 9-30-2017 (First Reading) as submitted by Interim Clerk Hinson.
     Council person Caylor stated that the council should have a meeting with the Mayor prior to any budget proposals being introduced.
     Council person Davis noted that, in her opinion, the figures did not look right.  She noted that at several meetings as of late it has been noted that electric revenues are down and the city is looking for a new supplier.  It was noted that with electric revenues down it is impossible to have a surplus of money.
     Council person Fountain there has been no budget since 2014, the year Mr. Hinson was hired to formulate a budget for the city, and the current figures are not right.
     Mayor Wolff tabled further discussion on this issue until a workshop can be established and figures discussed.
New Business:
1.    Electric Department Safety Seminar Invitation:
     Electrical Superintendent Adams asks all council members to attend this two (2) hour seminar.  ALTEC is footing the bill for this.  Will be held at the Depot from 10 AM-12 PM on Tuesday 27 June.
     Mr. Adams issued a personal thank you to ALTEC for the use of their bucket truck which will be on loan to Evergreen for another three (3) weeks.
2.    Resolution 2017-0620-01 Surplus property sale. 
     Superintendent Sullivan advised there are numerous items including some police vehicles, a truck and a camper shell that need to leave.  Motion to approve met with unanimous approval.
Accounts payable:
     Motion to pay the bills passed unanimously.
The next City Council meeting has been moved from 4 July to Thursday, 6 July.
The meeting scheduled for 18 July has been moved to Tuesday, 25 July.
     Grant Writer Cara Stallman announced changes to the grant writing procedures.  It is necessary to name the grant writer and architect prior to grant submission.
     Ms. Stallman has hopes of getting a grant for the park.  If this develops, it will be a 10%/90% grant.

Adjourn:  6:33 PM

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