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City Council Meeting 25 July 2017
Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.
Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff.  Roll call showed all members present.
Previous minutes:
     Previous minutes were unanimously approved as read.
Mayor’s Report and Comments:
     A possible date of the 4th Tuesday was mentioned as a meeting date for budget hearings.
     Attorney Hartley noted he had been in contact with the USDA in response to the Interim City Clerk’s mentioning at the previous meeting that the USDA could call for repayment of the Grant for the Library due to the city not having presented them with a budget.  Mr. Hartley stated he had promised the USDA a budget by 1 October.
     Mayor Wolff recognized Council person Upton (Mayor Pro tem).  Mr. Upton called attention to a letter from EPD Sgt. Wright he and all other council members had received with concerns about the current magistrate and actions taken by her.  Mr. Upton stated that this letter was in conjunction with other complaints dealing with the magistrate’s office.
     It was noted there were allegations of wrongdoings by the magistrate in the way suspects in domestic violence cases had been handled, as well as suspected D.U.I. arrest.  It noted that suspected domestic violence offenders were being released within 4 hours with no restraint orders issued.  As per statements from former city magistrate, now city Council person Jerry Caylor, a person should be held for at least 12 hours in both suspected domestic violence and suspected D. U. I. cases.
     There were also allegations of improperly handling of monies by the magistrate.  Based again on statements from former magistrate Caylor, any monies received in the magistrates office should either be deposited in the appropriate bank or left in a drop box contained in City Hall.
     It was noted that Constable Chris Askew and Ms. Brenda Riley, owner of a local bail bonds business, both spoke against the magistrates handling of bonding arrestees out.
     Attorney Hartley advised that the city could face liability should any complications erupt due to a continuation of domestic violence or any accident occur from an incapacitated driver released early.  Mr. Hartley also noted that only two people within the city could call for an auditing of the magistrates office, Chief Simpson, Evergreen Chief of Police, or Mayor Wolff.
     Mayor Wolff asked for a motion to call for an audit and requested notification be sent to the Alabama Attorney General’s office for their assistance. 
     Motion forwarded by Council person Upton and seconded by Council person Davis, passed unanimously.
Old Business:
1.     Superintendent Sullivan came forward seeking advice on how to handle contractors or landscapers leaving debris on city property for city equipment to pick up.  He noted this has developed into a problem due to the excessive amount of trees, limbs, etc.  The city’s equipment is inadequate to handle the situation.
    It was also noted that mowing services are allowing grass clippings and other items to be blown into the roadway making it necessary the city workers also clean up behind them.
     Mr. Sullivan has already contacted surrounding towns and cities to see how they handle these occurrences in their areas.  It was noted those surrounding places required the contractors to remove any debris related to their work.
     When asked how to handle it, the city attorney noted the city needed to pass an ordinance which he agreed to draw up and have ready for approval.
2.     Grant Writer Stallman was not present but had supplied the Mayor with information about a grant she has been pursing for the park.  If awarded, this would be a $250,000.00 grant for the park with the city having to put in 10% ($25,000.00) in money or in kind work.
   Currently a public hearing is scheduled for 5:30 PM on 1 August 2017.  This is open to the public and attendance is encouraged.
    Ms. Davis asked if any of this money could be directed for Carver Rec. Center.  The pool motor has just been replaced at a cost of $6,000.00 for the pump and $2,300.00 for installation.  Interim City Clerk Hinson stated the motor was a victim of lightening. 
     When asked by the mayor where were supporting statements about lightening  getting this pump Mr. Hinson had none.  Mayor Wolff noted the city does have insurance.  Mr. Hinson allowed the installer to get away without making any such statement.  Mr. Hinson was directed to contact the installer and request such a statement.
3.       The vacating of an old easement right-of-way was discussed.  This was an easement granted by Mr. Robby Bolton several years ago.  A motion to do the vacating was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.  To Attorney Hartley for action.
New Business:
1.       The ATRC Area Agency on Aging contract was up for renewal at no additional cost.  This is the group that delivers food to our aging population.  Motion to continue contract passed by unanimous vote.
2.       Superintendent Sullivan asked for approval of a contract with G & K uniforms to furnish uniforms for permanent workers.  Suggestion for 24 month contract passed with unanimous vote.
3.         Economic Developer Bobby Skipper informed the council that Pepsi has agreed to donate $10,000.00 to the city of Evergreen provided the city will build a concessions stand dedicated to allowing Pepsi to be the official drink and sponsor of events held at the airport.
             After discussion it was determined that Mr. Skipper should return before the  
council with estimates of cost of construction.  This will be addressed next meeting.
Accountants Payable:
     Approved by unanimous vote.
     Council person Davis requested a decision on setting a date for work/budget sessions.  A decision was made to hold these meetings on the 2 Tuesday of each month.
     Council person Fountain forwarded concerns on the misuse of city vehicles.  She has had complaints of people using them for grocery shopping with members of their families being transported in these vehicles and other illegal use to include going out of county.
     Mayor Wolff addressed this issue by advising Council persons and Department Heads to hold offenders accountable.

Adjourn:  6:50 PM 

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