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City Council 5 September 2017
Invocation by Mr. Mike Lanier.
Call to order by Mayor Wolff at 6 PM.
Roll Call showed all members present.
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by unanimous vote.
Mayor’s Report and Comments:
     Mayor Wolff announced the passing of the City Prosecutor Tommy Chapman earlier in the day.
     Council person Davis led a prayer for the family in this sorrowful time.
     Council person Fountain asked for assistance in publicizing the Reid State Community Relief Drive for the citizens damaged by Hurricane Harvey.  Mayor Wolff assured her he would get it announced over the radio.
     “Paws in the Park” program will be held at Evergreen City Park on 23 September from 9 AM to 3 PM.
     City Planning Commission needs new appointments.
     Council person Caylor noted that he was aware the terms of the Co-operative District members expired last November and asked how to go about appointing members.  Mayor Wolff informed Mr. Caylor that the city appointed two members and the county appointed two members and Mr. Dantz was appointed by the board itself.
 Old Business:   None
New Business:
1.     Bid proposals to install a 5 ton heat pump at Carver Rec Center have been received.  Two bids were returned, Alabama Refrigeration was declared the low bidder and was awarded the job.
2.      Superintendent Sullivan requested he be allowed to attend the Urban Forestry Association annual conference to be held 4-6 October.  Mr. Sullivan said all he required from the city was a $115.00 registration fee and reimbursement for 2 evening meals.  All other expenses are already handled.  Request approved by unanimous vote.
3.      Received notice of Veterans Day program at Hillcrest High School on 9 November 2017.  For more information contact Mr. Obie Norris at the school
4.      A request for authorization to file a JAG Grant Application for police department equipment ($24,000.00 Grant).  Request approved unanimously.  This is an ADECA grant.
5.      Superintendent Sullivan gave a briefing on city protocols outlining the duties and responsibilities of Department Heads in preparation for the possibility of weather damage from the approaching storm.  Mr. Sullivan gave an inventory of items already purchased and on hand such as diesel, gas, sand and sand bags.  The fuels are in position at the city shop and the sand is placed under the overhead bridge.  Department Heads must be prepared 5-8 days prior to the storms scheduled hit.
   Electrical Department Superintendent Adams has ordered overhead wire in the event they suffer electrical damage from the storm.
    Superintendent Davis reported his department is as prepared as possible.  All pumps are functioning.
    Superintendent Sullivan noted that should it seem that the storm is going to hit us he wants to position crews in strategic areas such as the hospital, nursing home, North and South Main and Liberty Hill areas whereby, as soon as it is safe to start, these crews will be able to start pushing debris out instead of having to push it in and clear.  Should Evergreen be positively identified as being in the cone of certainty Crowder Gulf will place assets on site.
     Crowder Gulf and Evergreen Concrete are the only companies granted contracts to clear debris. 
     Volunteers are not encouraged nor wanted to assist in debris moving.  During the last crisis good intentioned volunteers actually did more damage than good.
6.     Council persons Skinner and Caylor requested speed bumps be placed on Palmore Drive.  This comes as a result of citizens asking for something to help slow down the reckless drivers in the area.
7.      Council person Caylor questioned the status of the budget for the library that is due by 1 October.  This is budget driven as a part of the cities good faith for the library grant and was discussed at a previous council meeting.  
Accounts Payable:   Approved unanimously
Council person Caylor wanted to address overtime but, because it was not on the agenda, it could not be brought up.

Adjourn:  6:27 PM

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