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Evergreen City Council Meeting 6 February 2018
     Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.
     Call to order at 6 PM by Mayor Wolff, All members were present.
     The reading of minutes from the previous meeting were corrected by both Council person Fountain and Council person Davis as follows.  Both Ms. Fountain and Ms. Davis wanted the minutes to reflect that neither of them had been notified of the passing of Council person Skinners mother or the passing of Council person Upton’s wife.  They requested that, in the future, some type of notification be sent when situations such as this arise.  Minutes approved as read after corrections.
Mayor’s Report and Comments:
     Long-time park employee David “Mookie” Thomas has retired.  Mayor Wolff directed that a plaque be procured for Mr. Thomas.  As of now the park essentials are being covered by Superintendents Sullivan and Martin.  The position will be rewritten and listed in the near future.
Old Business:
     No old business for discussion.
New Business:
1.     Chief Simpson has requested to attend a winter conference.  Motion to approve by Council persons Skinner and Davis.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.
2.     Mr. Larry Ryland is working on a pole lease agreement to be implemented in the future.  This is to be addressed again at the next meeting.
3.     Council person Upton introduced a proclamation recognizing Hillcrest High School as State 3-A Champs.  Motion to approve made by Council person Caylor and Davis and was followed by a unanimous vote.
4.     It was noted Council person Skinner picked up a $250,000.00 grant check for the park from Governor Kay Ivey.  Mayor Wolff reintroduced an idea dealing with “Sponsor A Field” to help make up for monetary shortfalls at the park.
5.     A resolution to tear down 123 Elm Street, a building owned by Lori Taylor and Lynn Thompson, was approved.  The owners were on hand and asked for an extension of time to finish getting all their belongings from the building.  A 4 month extension was approved by the council.
6.     Safe Room invoices #11 and #12 to Youngblood/Barrett were approved for payment.
7.     Council person Caylor brought up that MediaCom Cable negotiations need to start now.  The current contract expires in October.  Council person Caylor and Davis, along with Larry Ryland were placed on a committee to review and prepare a contract.
Accounts Payable Approval:
     Passed by unanimous vote.
It was announced that next Tuesday, 13 February, will be birthday number 200 for the formation of Conecuh County.  There will be birthday/bash/party at the depot between the hours of 5 and 7 PM.  Everyone is invited.
It was announced by citizen J. J. Jones that Council person Upton, next Thursday, will be going on a Navy Cruise.

Meeting adjourned:  6:29 PM

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