Conecuh County News & Views LLC - City Council 6 June 2017
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City Council 6 June 2017
Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier.
Call to order by Mayor Wolff at 6 PM.
All members present for roll call.
Previous minutes approved by unanimous vote.
Mayor’s Report & Comments:
     Coop District has more businesses moving in soon.  More info to follow later.
Old Business:
1.     Recommendation for awarding contract on bids for pre-disaster removal and disposal contract.  Superintendent Sullivan reported that Crowder Gulf had held the contract but declined to renew.  Mr. Sullivan has drawn up a 30 page article dealing with items in the contract.  Bid packages have been returned with Crowder Gulf being the low bidder at $209,000.00.  There will be no payment unless services are needed, primarily for hurricane cleanup relief.  Any city monies spent on this cleanup will be reimbursed by FEMA.  Motion made and seconded.  Vote 4 ayes, 1 abstain.
2.      Resolution for vacating portions of Edwina & Crestview Avenue was introduced.  Passed by unanimous vote.
3.      Approval of Airport Grant Contracts passed by unanimous vote.  This will have a 95% FAA grant payback.
New Business:
1.     Resolution for municipal water pollution prevention program passed by unanimous vote.
2.     Request to Cal Ripkin baseball league for purpose of assisting with the cost of 8U tournament at City Part 9-12 June.  Request approved by unanimous vote.
3.     Request for 2 annual donation to Conecuh Board of Education for the purpose of assisting with the cost of Hillcrest High Drumline attendance & performances at Summer Drumline Camp 1 week in July.  Passed by unanimous vote.  Ms. J.J. Jones suggest the city buy uniforms.  Mayor Wolff noted the B. O. E. handle that aspect.
4.     Request to purchase 2 used 2014 P/U trucks for the street and electric departments.  Cost $34,650.00 for both, coming from ALADOT.  This money has been raised via insurance claims and selling of salvage material.  There will be $12,240.00 remaining from this fund after this purchase.
5.     CDBG invoices for the safe room were approved.
6.     Hiring of City Clerk next on agenda.  Executive session called for this discussion.
Executive session started 6:15 PM
Regular session resumed 6:29 PM
     After executive session Council person Caylor made a motion that Mr. Hinson be given the full time City Clerk position provided Mr. Hinson would comply with 2 stipulations; he must give up a secondary job in the City of Pike Road and he must relocate to a local residence.  Vote was 4 ayes, 2 nays.  Council person’s Fountain and Davis voted against hiring Mr. Hinson.
     Mr. Hinson declined to accept either stipulation unless a higher salary could be negotiated.  
Accounts payable approved.

Adjourned: 6:35 PM 

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