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City Council Meeting 9 January 2018
Invocation offered by Mr. Mike Lanier followed by Mayor Wolff calling the meeting to order at 6 PM.
Roll Call showed all members present.
Approval of Minutes:
     The previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.
Mayor’s Report and Comments:
     Mayor Wolff had no comments or reports.
Old Business:
     A discussion dealing with the “agreement” between the Conecuh County Commission and the City dealing with appointment of a 7 member to the Cooperative District Board was the only topic of under the heading of old business.
     The city had nominated and elected Mr. Tim Dantz to be the 7 member of the Board of Directors however; when this nomination/election was sent to the county for approval no action had been taken.
     Various speculations were discussed as to why the county had not approved this nomination with nothing firm being determined.  Attorney Hartley stated that everything had been done in accordance with the current member’s desires.
     Council person Fountain suggested the council and commission meet together and see if any differences can be worked out.  Mayor Wolff stated he would see the commission and determine what route should be taken.
     Evidently there were some raw feelings at the meeting as this statement seemed to gear things up.  Statements were made that Mayor Wolff’s suggestion was not palatable to others.  It was indicated that some were in belief that the “true” story may not come back to the council.
     At this time Council person Davis announced she would like to call for an executive session to discuss good name and character of a member of the council.  After a short discussion Mayor Wolff asked for a motion to go into executive session.  Motion made and seconded with a unanimous vote by all to go into executive session.
Executive Session start: 6:20 PM
Regular Session reconvene 6:30 PM
     Tensions remained high in the council chambers with announcements of undue agenda manipulations being forwarded and accusation of unfair treatment being made that the citizens of District 5 did not receive ample services as compared to the other districts.
New Business:
     It was noted that accounting updates for FY 2016/2017 were still in progress.  City Clerk Ms. Smith noted that the current auditing firm, Meadows and Company C. P. A. of Greenville, had informed her they were still 45+ days from completion.
     Attorney Hartley noted that the 45+ days was unsatisfactory, everyday there was a delay in completion the city suffered.  He noted that due to the lack of record keeping the city’s bonding ability rating was reduced.  He stated he would contact the auditing company himself and attempt to expedite.
     (How do you say thanks Mike Hinson?)
Accounts Payable:  Payment of bills was authorized by unanimous vote.

Motion to Adjourn:  6:40 PM

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