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Commission Meeting 23 June 2020
Call to order at 10:04 AM by Chairman Millender.
Invocation offered by Commissioner Byrd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll call showed all members present.
Chairman Millender asked for a change to the agenda prior to voting for approval.  He asked that Representative Chris Sells be placed on the agenda.  A motion was made and approved by unanimous vote for the change.
The agenda was approved as amended.
The minutes from previous meeting was approved.
There was 1 new hire for the jail and 2 separations from the jail.  There was 25.5 hours of overtime from the jail department.  The report was approved by unanimous vote.
The ongoing and continuous issue of jail overtime was addressed. 
Sheriff Brock stated that it was difficult to keep corrections officers (C.O.’s) due to the low rate of pay.  His department is constantly short and the shifts must be covered hence the overtime problem.
The current rate of pay for C. O.’s is $10.04 per hour.  It was noted the sheriff now has federal prisoners housed in the jail and an additional amount of funding comes in to support these additional prisoners.  An increase of 5% in pay was discussed.  It was determined the sheriff should take a look at the jail money and see what pay increase could be afforded for the C. O.’s.  It was suggested that a time to incorporate the new raise be set to start.  Commissioner Riley made a motion that the pay raise, whatever the amount, be approved to begin with the next pay period.  In the meantime the sheriff is to come back at the next meeting with the amount of the raise but it must be 5% or better.  Motion to start the raise next pay period approved by unanimous vote.
The ongoing payment for county vehicle usage by employees was addressed again.
Each commissioner has been asked to establish where they will have their districts yard.  There will be no chare accessed for vehicles left at the designated yard, all vehicles being driven to the employees residence will be accessed the charge.  The payment for vehicle use is not a local thing, it’s contained in IRS rules and regulations as well as State rules and regulations plus, it’s also addressed in the county handbook.
This is one of those “hard” decisions no one wants to make therefore it faces foot dragging and put off on the part of those commissioners not wanting to obey the rules and the law and in the meantime, the county citizens continue to pay for things they should not have to bear the cost of.
Approve Claims:
There were no claims over the $500.00 and $3,000.00 limits set.  Unanimous vote to pay all other claims.
County Engineer:
Mr. Winston Foshee noted he had a list of papers dealing with the CDBG grant that needed the chairman’s signature.
Mr. Foshee has also received a report from the timber cruise the commission requested.  Mr. Millender stated he also had an estimate in hand. 
Foshee informed the commission body the sign for the LP property has been installed.  The chairman asked the commissioners to show up for a picture opportunity after the meeting. 
Representative Chris Sells addressed the commissioners noting that he would be doing anything he could to help the county, both in funds and in potential business couplings.  He ensured every commissioner has his phone number and he also asked, at their convenience, to be invited back to commission meetings.
The issue of the tax abatement for Guyoung Tech discussed in the work session was approved by unanimous vote.
County Administrator:
Ms. Brown is in receipt of an invoice from Auburn dealing with changes and upgrades to the county handbook.  Invoice in the amount of $13,419.14.  Motion to pay resulted in unanimous vote of approval.
She noted a payment on the dump trucks was due.
Ms. Brown pointed out that the once enjoyed Oil payments have shrunken badly.  Currently the oil payments have dropped to $90,000.00 per month.  That is going to impact our upcoming budget badly.
Commissioners Comments and Announcements:
Commissioner Riley noted that he was aware of at least 2 potential oil well areas being investigated for drilling.  There is a lot of paperwork involved in getting these drilling projects set up and the current time limits provided to allow research of these sites Is inadequate to getting this done.  Mr. Riley put a motion in place to allow 4 people access to the probate office records.  He stated he had already talked to Probate Judge Fleming and there were no foreseen problems.  Motion was seconded and put to vote with the following results:  3 ayes, 1 nay and 1 abstention.  Motion carried.
Commissioner Andrews provided each commissioner with an estimate sheet dealing with his backhoe.
He stated his backhoe was currently inoperative and in need of several repairs.  Total estimated bill from Warrior Tractor Company for these repairs, $27, 665.00.  Mr. Andrews noted he had over $18,000.00 left in his repair budget but the repairs would take all of his funds leaving him in a bind, most especially should something else happen before the new budget comes into effect.  He asked each commissioner to make a statement as to what their stand was, pro and con, on these repairs. 
He told them he could not serve the people of his district to the extent needed without a backhoe.
Commissioner Riley reluctantly agreed to get the equipment fixed.
Commissioner Campbell agreed to allow the repairs be done.
Commissioner Millender stated he would not vote to approve these repairs.  He noted Mr. Andrews backhoe is most expensive backhoe to keep operating.  He stated that many years ago the commission had voted to purchase an excavator for loading trucks in the county pit.  This pit changes from time to time as the dirt requirements change and currently 4 of the districts followed the excavator with no problems.  Mr. Andrews does not follow the excavator instead he uses his backhoe to load his truck.  Mr. Millender noted that backhoes are not designed for the work that one is being used for.  He stated that several attempts to get Mr. Andrews to use the pit with the excavator had failed.
Commissioner Byrd followed the same statements that Mr. Millender made also noting Mr. Andrews had been encouraged on several occasions to move to the designated county pit.
The indication to me is that Mr. Andrews will use his remaining funds to repair his backhoe.
Call for motion to go into Executive Session for Good Name and Character met with approval.
Executive session: 11:00 AM

I left.

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