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County Commission Meeting 25 September 2017
     Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd, invocation offered by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
     All members were present for roll call, the agenda was approved as printed and the minutes from the previous regular meeting, 2 emergency called meetings and a special called meeting were approved by unanimous vote.
     No new hires were reported.  There were 2 separations from the sheriff’s department and 1 from the jail.  There was a total of 6 hours of overtime, 1.5 hours with the motor vehicle division and 4 with the animal shelter.
     Ms. Cathy Gardner from the probate office was on hand with questions about why the overtime hours pertaining to her had been denied at the last meeting.  She informed the commission body that she had indeed worked these overtime hours; they were approved by her department head and were necessary to ensure the special election was covered.
     Probate Judge Booker also came to the meeting and spoke on Ms. Gardner’s behalf telling the commissioners this is a typical thing at any election cycle and he was disturbed at the questioning of pay.  He noted it is not his nature to just shove overtime into play.
     Ms. Gardner also noted that Chairman Byrd had approached her and told her prior to the last meeting there would be no problem in getting her overtime pay yet that happened.  Ms. Gardner went so far as to call Chairman Byrd a liar.
     It appears some changing circumstances created this situation and hopefully things will get worked out.
Approve Claims:
     There were no over the limit claims, motion to pay bills was approved by unanimous vote.
Annual Bid Openings:
1.     County Road Department:  Mr. Foshee opened all county bids and noted the bid amounts.  He asked permission to hold the bids for evaluation and come before the commission with his recommendation for approval at the next meeting.
2.    Commission Administration Items:  There were 2 items to come before the commission from the Administrator Offices: \
A.    The Evergreen Courant was the only bidder for county advertising.  Their cost is .25 cents per word per week.
B.    The next bids were for pest control of all county offices.  Two bids were received with Salter’s Extermination being the low bid at $360.00.  Motion made and passed by unanimous vote to use the lowest bidder.
Co-operative District Board:
     It was duly noted the terms of the county personnel serving on the cooperative district board have been expired since last November.  An individual motion to appoint Commissioner Riley and Chairman Byrd to the board was approved by unanimous vote.
County Safe Room:  No one available to make remarks on Safe Room
County Engineer:
     Mr. Winston Foshee noted a citizen present in the audience was on hand to request closure of a road in District 2.  The road currently known as Notta Road runs through private property and terminates at the only house on the road.  After discussion it was noted by Attorney Bishop that, in order to close the road, it would necessitate a public hearing.  The commission voted unanimously to hold a public hearing and resume the issue afterwards.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Brown noted that a proposed budget for the county is available for approval.  The figures are; $7,798,321.75……….Expenditures are figured to be $7,797,500.00.
     These figures were approved unanimously by the commission body.
     Ms. Brown pointed out this budget contains a one-time bonus for retirees.
     Ms. Brown noted that the contract for the juvenile bed in Baldwin County Sheriff’s facility is due renewal.  It was noted that Montgomery County also has a juvenile facility available.  Ms. Brown was directed to contact Montgomery County for a price and availability check.  If possible to cut cost, the county may well use another juvenile facility.
     Ms. Brown also informed the commission that the computer software agreement is due renewal too.  The prices are slightly higher.  The commission approved the renewal contract by unanimous vote.
     The administrator informed the commission the 47 annual ALATOM meeting was scheduled in Selma and they all had invitations.
     It was duly noted that, due to Ms. Brown’s professionalism, drive and initiative, she has saved the county $2650.00 per month.  A motion to pay Ms. Brown a bonus to be added each payday for her outstanding performance was approved by unanimous vote.
County Attorney:
     Mr. Bishop informed the board that, after review of a decision at the previous meeting, an abatement granted to Guyoung Tech was not clear.  He suggested the commission restate the motion to ensure it was clear that the abatement period was for 10 years.  Motion made and carried.
Commissioners Comments and Announcements:
     Commissioner Riley complimented County Engineer Foshee on a good bush hogging job.
     It was noted that the new wheel chair ramp roof was slanted where the run off would go onto and into the courthouse wall.  The installer offered a gutter system (at cost) to offset what could be a future problem.
     It was determined that a special called meeting for the E-911 budget would be set for Tuesday, 26 September at 1 PM.
News Media Comments:
     Mr. Jim Allen, The Monthly View Owner and Publisher, asked if the appointments to the Cooperative District Board were to replace Commissioner Andrews and Mr. Cook.  He was informed that Andrews and Cook were no longer on the board and Commissioners Byrd and Riley were.

Adjourn:  10:18 AM

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