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Commission Work Session 23 June 2020
Chairman Millender called the meeting to order at 9 AM.
Mr. Joo Kim with Guyoung Tech came before the commission to ask for a tax abatement.  Every 2 years an abatement may be applied for and Mr. Joo requested the body allow a tax abatement based on Guyoung Tech employing approximately 20 more people.  The abatement is for the cost of new equipment and training for these new people.  Typical pay for these salaried positions is $50,000.00 per year per person. 
The request is for a 10 year period however, after approximately 3 years, the pay reverts to an hourly wage of approximately $15.00 per hour.
When questioned as to the number of people currently employed, Mr. Joo stated 150 persons are now employed and most of them are Conecuh County residents.  Guyoung is one of the largest employers of our local people.
Mr. Jimmy Bell, Revenue Commissioner, noted that for an item to qualify for an abatement under these guidelines it must be purchased strictly for the program intended.
Chairman Millender asked the county attorney, Mr. Bell and Mr. Joo to retire to another room and workout all issues possible.
Next on the working agenda were the procedures on COVID 19 testing results and safety precautions. 
It seems that some employees are attempting to take advantage of the rules and regs. around this pandemic.  It is being reported that they may have come into contact with a person that has the virus and they are playing the game of taking 2 weeks off.  It seems that no one actually goes to the doctor and when the perpetrator gets questioned about it the response is, we’re going to the doctor now.
Chairman Millender asked the commission body what procedures they felt should be taken.  The overwhelming take on this one was stated best by Commissioner Riley who said, “If they have negative results they should go to work.”  It will require people getting the COVID 19 test and abide by the results.
Overall, follow the handbook is the determination.
Also, Chairman Millender noted that most commissioners’ line item dealing with overtime is stressed with some not having any overtime money’s left.  Mr. Millender said it is his thought line that the money programmed for overtime had been abused and misused.  He felt the overtime payments in some instances had been used as a “reward me” program vice being used for actual overtime.
A discussion of the way pay should be used during after hour callouts ensued.  It was determined that a callout would be paid at a rate of 4 hours of time, if this put the person in an overtime position, overtime would be paid.  If a person is called out they get that 4 hours of pay.  Should the job last a longer period of time, they receive pay at the normal rate regardless of time involved, additional callouts within the same time period is a continuation of the first 4 hour call out.  Just because another job shows up while the callout crew is completing their first job doesn’t entitle the callout crew to continue claiming a new 4 hours.
Currently District One, Mr. Campbell’s District, is the only one out of overtime hours.  Mr. Campbell responded by saying just take his crew out of the callout line and they would pass their turn.  Not exactly fair to the other road crews assigned to the callout emergencies.  Overtime management must be applied and adhered to.  That is the counties money, not someone’s personal fund.
The jail is another area where overtime is getting out of hand but an explanation of that is available.  There is a high turnover of corrections officers due to a lack of decent pay.  Each meeting there will be a hiring influx of new C. O.’s as well as a group leaving.  It is hoped a pay raise will slow this transition down.  The jail is now housing Federal prisoners and this generate additional funds for the county.  The county is going to have to put some of that money back into the jail to make things work.
It was recommended Department Heads need to stay on top of budgets and safety items.  If anything is needed, they need to work though the Administrator. 
Potential problems with the upcoming elections were discussed.  Commissioner Millender made assurances that safety equipment such as facemask and/or other items would be on hand.


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