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Commission Meeting 10 July 2017
Call to order by Chairman Millender at 9 AM.
Invocation offered by Commissioner Byrd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, approval of the agenda and approval of previous minutes.
     One new hire at the jail department, part time cook.
     There were 67.5 hours of overtime.
     Merit board nominations from the engineering department were announced as:
1.    Jerome Boykin
2.    Jeppie Dees
3.    Fronz Killebrew
Chairman Millender called for a vote on Jerome Boykin.  There were 2 votes cast for Mr. Boykin by Commissioners Millender and Byrd.
A call for vote on Jeppie Dees resulted in one vote for Dees by andrews.
Mr. Killebrew received two votes from Riley and Campbell.
Chairman Millender asked the county attorney how they should proceed from this point to which Mr. Bishop responded that Dees be eliminated and a re-vote between Boykin and Killebrew take place. 
The final result of the votes were two for Boykin (Millender and Byrd) 3 for Killebrew (Riley, Campbell and andrews).  
Chairman Millender started to move forward from there but was interrupted by andrews who made the statement that the very thing the merit board was in place for was incorrect.  He went on to amplify that the racial makeup of the board, something the board is in place to ensure does not happen, was incorrect.  The elected board consists of 1 Black member and 4 Caucasian members.
Chairman Millender responded to andrews that this was exactly what he had attempted to make the commission aware of and the votes had been cast.
(Anyone see the irony in the fact the swing vote cast his vote then protested his vote)?
Claims Approval:
     There were 3 claims above the $500.00 level in need of approval.  There were no claims over the $3,000.00 level in need of approval.
Public Hearing for Evergreen Medical Center Loan Situation:
     This hearing deals with the request that Conecuh County co-sign a loan for the benefit of the EMC.
     The EMC CEO gave a short opening remark.
     The floor was opening for any interested persons to make remarks.  I took advantage of this opportunity to ask what was the amount of the loan ($750,000.00).
     I then noted this request had been discussed in the past and information passed to the public was there was no risk for the county, this loan was guaranteed by the hospital group EMC belongs too.  I asked if this was a true statement and was assured by Mr. McClendon this was the case. 
     I then asked if they were in such a position to make this guarantee why did they need the county to co-sign?  I was informed that the hospital group had such outstanding loans they could not qualify for another loan without a co-signer!!!!!!!
     County Attorney Bishop was then asked if he was satisfied with the paperwork from the hospital.  Mr. Bishop advised he had not received certain paperwork items as of yet and he could not make a recommendation until he had this paperwork reviewed.
     Chairman Millender asked the board if they would give a conditional recommendation of approval for the loan if, after receiving the paperwork, Mr. Bishop found everything to be in order. 
     A motion to approve the chairman’s recommendation was approved by unanimous vote.
Conecuh County Safe Room:
     It was requested the commission make a final determination on the name to be placed on the exterior of the safe room building.  There was also a question as to whose name was to appear on the plaque.  It was determined the names for the plaque would be the commissioners in office when this project was approved.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee advised he had nothing to come before the commission.
     Commissioner Riley ask how things were going with the side cutters and was advised one side cutter was in operation full time, the other was in use when a crew was available to run it.  Also, bush hogging should be finished next week and a full time crew should be available for the other side cutter.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Brown announced she was in receipt of an invoice from Baldwin County jail facility for juvenile incarceration.  The invoice was for May services and in the amount of $4,450.00.  A motion to pay was approved by unanimous vote. 
     A resolution for a one-time bonus payment to 38 retirees was tabled until the next meeting.
     A discussion to reschedule the next commission meeting due to Ms. Brown’s unavailability for the next meeting was next.  Final determination, the next commission meeting will be held Thursday, 20 July, at 9 AM.
     A budget hearing meeting date of 14 August at 1 PM was adopted by unanimous vote.
    A maintenance renewal agreement with no changes was adopted by unanimous vote.
    Chairman Millender ask who is responsible for handling the impending election.  No answer.
County Attorney: 
     Nothing to report
Commissioners Comments/Announcements:
News Media:
Executive Session:
     An executive session to discuss good name and character was called for and met with unanimous approval.
Executive Session:
Begins 9:26 AM
Ends 9:48 AM
     It was recommended and approved the new payroll/personnel clerk’s probationary period end in November.
Adjourn:  9:49


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