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County Commission 9 October 2017
Call to order 9 AM by Chairman Byrd. 
Invocation by Commissioner Millender followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll call showed all member present.
     With one correction to the previous agenda, the agenda was approved by unanimous vote.
     The minutes of both the regular meeting of 25 September 2017 and the Emergency Call meeting of 29 September 2017 were approved by unanimous vote.
Payroll/Personnel Report:
     There was 1 new hire at the jail, position of cook and 1 new hire at the commission office for secretary. Reported accepted by unanimous vote.
Claims Approval:
     There was one claim over the $3,000.00 limit and one claim over the $500.00 limit.  1.5 hours of overtime was reported.  Report was approved by unanimous vote.
Revenue Commissioner:
     Mr. Jimmy Bell came before the commission body with a unique request.  He noted his staff had a position for and money budgeted for a finance clerk position but his current employees have covered that position without the addition of another person.  He asked if he could utilize the funds set aside for the position and pay it out to the current employees covering the position.  After much discussion Commissioner Andrews made a motion to accept the Revenue Commissioner position.  His motion died due to lack of a second and it was determined to allow the county attorney look at this situation and make a recommendation at the next meeting.
Cooperative District Resolution:
     A resolution to the Cooperative District Board Articles of Incorporation came before the commission body for approval.
     The Evergreen City Council has already approved this resolution and made their board appointment(s).  The city’s resolution was to approve the district body to 7 members with the county having 3 appointments and the city having 3 appointments and then to allow the city to make one more appointment which must be approved by the commission.
     The main jest of the resolution is to allow more members to be appointed to the Cooperative District Board.  When put into a motion, the commission body voted unanimously to accept this resolution but not as the city has presented it to them.
     The city nominated Mr. Tim Dantz, Bank of Evergreen, to be the seventh member of the board.  The county agreed to the 7 member board with the 7 person, a voting member, to be added via a vote by the Cooperative District body. 
     The county countermanded that a non-voting position of CFO be created for a financial advisor.
     Motion to accept passed the county body by unanimous vote, now it must go back to the city for their stamp of approval.
     In the past the Cooperative District Board meetings were held in a helter/skelter manner with no real announcement being afforded ample notice so citizens could attend.  A firm meeting date of the second Wednesday of the month at 10 AM in the depot has been approved by both bodies.
Conecuh County Safe Room:
     Grant writer Cara Stallman was on hand with 2 outstanding invoices for the safe room.  She encouraged the commissioners to stop by and take a look at how things are shaping up.  The invoice request for July and August were approved by unanimous vote.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Winston Foshee presented the commission body with his recommendation of bid awardees from the previous meeting.  A motion to accept and approved Mr. Foshee’s recommendation was passed by unanimous vote.
     Mr. Foshee informed the commission body that our established paved roads are decomposing and suffering due to a lack of funds.  He strongly recommended that any monies set aside for new paving be diverted to the existing roads.  (Commission approved this by unanimous vote).  Mr. Foshee noted it cost approximately $55,000.00 per mile to resurface and maintain these roads, not to mention that several bridges are being aged and will need rework also.  He noted that to continue having good roads more funds must be made available.
     Commissioner Campbell asked Mr. Foshee about getting some of the older culverts replaced on the roads that receive a lot of large truck traffic.  Mr. Foshee informed Mr. Campbell that he was well aware and on top of culvert replacement.   
County Administrator:
1.         Ms. Brown reported that Pro-Air has discovered a compressor needs replacing in one of the court rooms.  Motion to replace made and passed.
2.         The agreement with Republic on garbage pickup needs to be redone.
3.         She informed the commissioners that the new wheel chair lift must have a phone installed for passenger’s safety.  Also there are a few other problems with the lift.  Mr. Millender moved that the lift be fixed/repaired properly.  Passed.
4.         She noted that courthouse security cannot communicate with each other for whatever reason.  It was determined that this be reported to Sheriff Brock for action.
5.         It was announced there were 5 bank accounts set up.  A motion to allow Ms. Brown to move money as necessary to pay county bills was made and approved.
6.         It was determined a special meeting be set to discuss the latest changes to the employee handbook.  This meeting will be Wednesday, 18 October 2017, at 10 AM.
County Attorney:
     Nothing to report from Mr. Bishop.
Commissioners Comments and Announcements:
     Commissioner Riley suggested the body look at holding a work session once per month prior to a meeting.  He noted that certain things were coming out that he had not been aware of and they could have been addressed in ta work session.
     On 25 October a 2 part meeting will be held with the county’s economic director.  The meeting will take place at the depot starting at 10 AM with a briefing on what the economic director has found so far.  The next meeting at 2 PM will be with the focus group of peopled that attended the Reid State program a short time back.
     Commissioner Millender asked the county attorney what was the purpose of having an agenda.  Response, it sets the items to be discussed during a meeting and who may address the group.
There were no news media comments.

Motion to adjourn approved at 10:04 AM.

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