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County Commission 11 December 2017
     Meeting called to order by Chairman Byrd at 9 AM.
     Invocation offered by Commissioner Campbell followed by the pledge of Allegiance.
     Roll Call showed all members present.  The agenda was approved as written and the minutes from 27 November and 29 November were approved as presented.
Payroll/Personnel Report:
     There were no new hires however there was one separation from the engineering department.  A total of 11 hours overtime required approval.  3 hours for motor vehicles and 8 hours for the animal shelter.
     A brief mention was made of a possible change in hours of the animal shelter but nothing definitive was announced.
Claims Approval:
     Under the $500.00 general fund there were 9 over the limit claims for approval.  There were no claims under the $3,000.00 limit.
Safe Room:
     Ms. Stallman was unable to attend the meeting but had sent an email to the administrator asking that pay request #10 be paid in the amount of $48,154.00.  County payment for the added on accordion wall was $2,488.50.  County Administrator Brown asked what type of payment the commission wished to make for pay request #9.  The counties legitimate payment is 25% of the bill.  All issues were passed by unanimous vote with the 25% payment being made to #9.
     Mr. Johnny Brock noted no spaces can be occupied until the fire marshal has approved the alarm system and the system must be monitored.  A charge of $34.95 per month is charged by ADF to monitor the system.  Mr. Brock volunteered to be the point of contact when alarms go off.  A motion to this effect was made and approved by unanimous vote.
     Mr. Brock addressed a Lyeffion Water Grant for 2 generators had been approved several months back and noted the payoff factor was to be the Commission pays in full and gets a return from the state.  Total bill $19,970.00.
     Mr. Brock announced he was in receipt of a check for $10,269.86 paid to EMA for meeting all EMPG requirements.  Good job Mr. Brock.
     Commissioner Millender suggested Mr. Brock conduct a dry run fire drill for benefit of county employees.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Winston Foshee had one request to make.  The Jerry Thomas Family requested they be allowed to adopt, and post a sign to this effect, a portion of the Loree Road.  The Adopt A Mile program was created to allow citizens to accept responsibility for and keep clean a certain portion of a road.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Stephanie Brown advised that DHR had requested to extend the current lease on the DHR building for an additional year.  The new lease goes into effect on 1 February 2018 at a price of $1,106.76 per month.  Lease approved by unanimous vote.
     There will be an Admin workshop in Prattville.  Ms. Brown expressed a desire to attend.  Approved by unanimous vote.
County Attorney:  Not available.
Commissioner Comments:
     Commissioner Riley informed the commissioners he had received several complaints about the condition of the flag at the courthouse.  He thanked me for furnishing both a U. S. and Alabama Flag for the courthouse.
No comments from the news media:

Adjourn:  9:20 AM

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