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Conecuh County Commission Meeting 11 September 2017
     Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd.  Invocation offered by Commissioner Campbell followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
     All members present for roll call.
     The agenda and previous minutes were approved as printed.
     There were 2 new hires both within the sheriff’s department.  One separation from the sheriff’s department.  36.75 hours of overtime submitted.  Sheriff’s department had 24, District 1 had 4 hours and 8.75 hours from the probate office.
     Discussion on the 8.75 hours from the probate office resulted in a change in current policy.  It was moved that payment for overtime would not be approved until it came before the commission body.  This does not pertain to the sheriff’s department or engineering.  This motion passed by majority vote, District 3 Commissioner Andrews voted no on this measure.
     There were no over the limit claims in either fund.
Conecuh County Safe Room: 
     No one on hand to represent the safe room progress.
Guyoung Tech Tax Abatement Request:
     Mr. Joo Kim came before the commission to request a continuance of the tax abatement approved by the IDB.  The IDB had approved a one year tax abatement the process is still a work in progress and Guyoung Tech asked that it be approved for one more year.
     This move resulted in a unanimous vote of approval however, by law, the abatement itself continues for a period of 10 years. 
Tom McLendon- Continuing loan for EMC.
     Mr. Gill McKenzie’s recent passing changed the leadership stature of the hospital.  A loan guarantee was already in place prior to Mr. McKenzie’s untimely passing.  Mr. McLendon explained the new management structure and assured the commission that nothing has really changed from the previous approval of this measure.  Motion to continue with loan guarantee approved by unanimous vote.
     EMA Director Johnny Brock informed the commission body he had 2 grant documents that required the signature of the chairman.  These grants are in the amount of $25,583.00 and $7,000.00.  These will be paid upon receipt of the chairs signature.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee reminded the commission of the J. M. Woods proposal on the dumptruck bid guarantee.
     Mr. Foshee noted that he is still working toward the resurfacing project on C. R. 43.  This resurfacing will be from the intersection of C. R. 42 to Simmons Creek.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Brown requested permission to have the security X-Ray machine repaired.  She told the commission the last time repairs had to be made it required a company coming here from California to do the work.  Commissioner Andrews noted he had a friend that was a retired X-Ray tech and asked if the commission body could hold off until he checked with his friend.
     Ms. Brown noted that the time was running out on approving a one-time bonus for retirees.  Duly noted by the commission body who stated they would take action before the ending date.
     Ms. Brown asked about the resolution dealing with courthouse closure.  It was determined (via motion and unanimous vote) to allow the administrator and chairman to make the determination on closing the courthouse.
County Attorney:
     Mr. Bishop recommended a work session to go over the impending personnel handbook.  Special call meeting for this effort scheduled for 19 September at 1 PM.  Mr. Bishop stated that in his opinion this needed to be an executive session.
     When given the opportunity, I asked Mr. Bishop what heading he planned to apply to this discussing.  His response was to do it under the heading of legal.  I told Mr. Bishop that I did not think this personnel handbook discussion was not a candidate for executive session.
Commissioners Comments and Announcements:
     It was noted the chairmanship had changed and ALATOM needed to be updated that District 4 Commissioner Wendell Byrd was the new chairman and also a new member to the ALATOM group.
     An emergency call meeting for budget hearings and planning is on schedule for 10 AM 14 September 2017.

Adjourn:  10:02 AM

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