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County Commission 12 March 2018
Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd.
Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance followed.
Roll call showed all members were present.
The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.
Payroll/personnel report:
     There were no new hires however there was one separation from the jail force.  There were 2 hours 5 minutes of overtime for approval.  Motion to accept followed by unanimous vote.
     Several dates were offered for instructions on the Alabama Deferred Compensation Pay program.  The Commissioners chose 19 March at 10 AM for this presentation.
     Ms. Leigh noted that she was still receiving some time sheet memo’s late.
     Ms. Leigh advised the recommended changes to the new handbook had been made.  When the commissioners were questioned as to the possibility of approving it, it was noted that the merit board still has not forwarded their recommendation.  It was determined a vote would be taken on the approval of the handbook at the regular commission meeting of 9 April.
Claims Approval:
     There were five claims over the $500.00 level in the general fund.  Four claims exceeded the $3,000.00 limit with the gasoline fund.  Motion to approve the claims was met with unanimous positive votes.
Conecuh Safe Room:
     County Administrator Brown informed the commission body of the amount owed at this time.  She noted that $56,254.87 was the total amount owed.  Commission voted to pay up to today’s invoice.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee that a federal aid fund will be used to repave County Road 26 from Highway 31 to the junction of C. R. 22 in Brownville.
     He also noted that guard rail damage to two different areas (C. R. 30 and C. R. 22) has been evaluated with an estimated cost of $9,000.00.  A motion was made to do these repairs and passed unanimously.
     Mr. Foshee was highly encouraged to attend a work session to be held 26 March at 1 PM.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Stephanie Brown noted that an appointment to the DHR Board was needed.  Commissioner Millender noted that Ms. January had served on that board for 30 years and had indicated to him that she did not desire re-appointment.  Mr. Millender did note that Ms. Ellen Hall had expressed a desire to serve.  Board appoint of Ms. Hall was by unanimous vote.
County Attorney:
Commissioners Comments and Announcements:
     Commissioner Riley noted that he had spoken to the merit board members as promised.
     Commissioner Millender noted that the discussion dealing with the probate judge salary will be held during the 26 March meeting.
New Media:
     No comments
There was a general recognition of the Magnet School students that attended todays meeting.
Motion to go into executive session carried by unanimous vote. 

Executive session began at 10:35 AM and I left. 

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