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Commission Meeting 22 May 2017
*Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Millender.  Invocation led by Commissioner Byrd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
*Roll call showed all members present.
     Motion to approve the agenda and minutes of previous meetings meet with unanimous vote.
*Approve Payroll/Personnel Report:
     There was one new hire for corrections officer in the jail.
     There were 15 hours of overtime requiring approval. 
     Payroll/Personnel report approved by unanimous vote.
     Ms. Lee mentioned again the merit board nominations.  This led to a long discussion as to how to go forward with these nominees’ names.  It was determined one of the nominees was not qualified to be on the merit board and their name was struck.
     Commissioner Riley asked if each commissioner should rank the nominees on a ballot and select the ones with the highest amount of votes.
     andrews wanted to know if there was still an active merit board.  Chairman Millender noted that in several instances a board or board member continued in the position until a replacement was named, so yes, there is an active merit board.  Final outcome, all commissioners will come to the next meeting with their nominees listed and resume from there.
     Ms. Lee noted that Auburn has recommended they stop working on the job descriptions and complete the employees’ handbook first.
     Again a lengthy discussion began with the cost factors already spent with Webb and Elly (attorneys) in getting a handbook, how much more the cost is going to be and when it’s going to be ready.  This has been a work in NO progress for almost 4 years.
     andrews stated Mr. Brasfield with the Association of County Commissioners told him that the handbook should be drawn up by attorneys, reason being, they know all the legal ins and outs to prevent possible lawsuits.  andrews went on to state that the current handbook in use is a 1988 vintage handbook and in dire shape for replacement.  It was noted that Webb and Elly has already been paid a good chuck of money but nothing of a workable stature has been received.
     Final determination, have the Auburn group come down for a face to face with the commission at a future meeting.  andrews was the only nay vote to this solution.
*Claims Approval:
     There were no over the limit claims needing approval.
*Conecuh County Safe Room and CDBG Public Hearing:
     Conecuh County Grant Writer Cara Stallman reported things with the safe room were moving along nicely.  She also noted that the return money from the grant has yet to be returned to the county, however, it is the works.  Other draws are continuing to amount but the commission voted not to pay out any additional funds until the money owed them is paid.
     She noted that the public meeting was to discuss a CDBG for the Southwest Water Authority dealing with a line change on Ramer Road.  The current line is a 3” line and they intend to put in a 6” line to give the consumers better water pressure.  In conjunction with this 6” line, they will also be installing fire hydrants.  Should any citizen desire to have a fire hydrant placed by their residence provision are in place allowing those citizens to pay a fee and get that water meter.  If you are a citizen served by this water authority and want a fire hydrant contact the Board of Directors and work with them.
     Total amount of grant is $350,000.00 of which the county will put in $50,000.00 and the water authority will put in $50,000.00.
*Nicole Hyatt from JACO was next on the agenda desiring to discuss the conduct of commissioner andrews however she was a no show.
     andrews stated he wished to discuss this situation and asked the chair if this would be a good time.  He was told to bring it up under commissioners announcements and comments.
*Jerome Boykin-Concerned Citizen
     Mr. Boykin noted at the last commission meeting a request for an ABC licenses had been denied to Mr. Eddie Rudolph.  Mr. Rudolph’s request was for a business to be in District One.  Mr. Boykin asked Commissioner Campbell to reconsider his denial of the request.  Mr. Campbell noted that he was still not in favor of approving the request.
     Mr. Boykin’s next requested action on the Springhill Road.  This is a section of road in District One.  This road comes off C. R. 42 (Brooklyn Road) and a portion of it is paved.  There is a section (7/10 mile) containing approximately 30 houses and 50+ residents that is not paved and the citizens have asked for more than 4 years to have something done to their road.  It is heavily traveled by oil trucks and is a constant sore spot.  Mr. Boykin asked the commission to make a commitment to these citizens and put the money in the next budget to cover this paving. 
     District One Commissioner Campbell said he if favor of paving that section provided funding is available.  andrews wants revenues checked first.  Over all consensus is to attempt to find money to pave at least 1 mile in every district.  (Last time this was considered the oil money went flat and it had to be abandon).
*Sheriff’s Report:
     Sheriff Brock reported the inmate phone system was overdue an update.  He stated it was supposed to be updated every 3 years.  The sheriff also noted that 4 cars are ready for placement on Gov. Deals.
     andrews deemed this the best spot to discuss item 6 on the agenda dealing with JACO.  It seems JACO has a mining operation in place and have several heavy trucks carrying gravel out of the mining area.  There have been directions for these trucks to travel set in place but it seems these trucks (according to andrews) do not follow the prescribed route but instead take C. R. 7 to reach their destination.  andrews states that gravel falls out of these trucks in large quantities and creates a hazard to normal C. R. 7 traffic.  He noted that on numerous occasions he has had to call his road crew to the area to clear the road. 
    He asked the sheriff for help in getting this truck traffic stopped.
    Sheriff Brock noted he patrolled that area on a regular basis but did not have the manpower to dedicate someone to be on hand all the time.
     andrews asked if camera’s could be installed to take pictures of the illegal happenings.  He also asked the county attorney what could be done to which Mr. Bishop said he would look into it.  He went on to ask if it would be possible to get ALADOT involved considering these people are ignoring the law.
*County Engineer:
     Winston Foshee, County Engineer, reported the first round of road mowing is almost completed. 
     Mr. Foshee announced the Federal Aid project on C. R. 85’s resurface project is moving along.  Wiregrass Construction was the low bidder, Conecuh’s portion of the job will cost $123,000.00. 
     Mr. Foshee informed the commission that motorgrader classes will be available starting 13-14-15 June.  If any commissioner has anyone they would like to send this is the prime opportunity.  Both Commissioners Byrd and Campbell wish to send part of their road crew.
*County Administrator:
     Ms. Stephanie Brown informed the commission she was in receipt of an invoice from the juvenile facility in Baldwin County in the amount of $3,570.00 for services rendered.  Conecuh has a long standing contract with Baldwin County dealing with the holding of juvenile offenders and cost the county heavily.
     There is no money budgeted for these cost and, by all appearances, they are going to escalate immensely in the immediate future.
     The invoice for the Cooperative District tax holding for the months of January, February and March have been paid in the amount of $10,000.00 +.  Ms. Brown noted that RDS services has a method to take this money out on a monthly basis and relieve the clerk from having to compute this withdrawal.  Motion made to accept the RDS service system was approved by unanimous vote.
     Gilmore Services will be here on 14 June to conduct a shredding operation for the county.  They intend to set up in the employee parking spaces on the side of the Board of Education offices.  Please make plans to park somewhere else on that day and if at all possible, try to find another route to take instead of traveling Jackson Street.
     A GASB statement must be done for the Department of Examiners prior to their audit.  Cost is $5, 000.00.  Motion to do the statement approved by unanimous vote.
*County Attorney:
     Mr. Bishop stated he has not heard anything back from the hospital at this time.
*Commissioners Comments and announcements:
     Commissioner Millender noted the Wooten balloting box is moving to China.  This will require a contract with the property owner who will receive $125.00 per election for use of the property.
     It was noted we do have an upcoming election and the question of who will handle the election requirement of getting the balloting boxes in place and the assorted items that go with it arose.  By unanimous choice, this duty was assigned to the County Administrator.
*Executive Session called for by unanimous vote.  Matter of Commerce or Trade.
     Began 10:32 AM
     Ended 11:06 AM
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Adjourn:  11:08 

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