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County Commission Meeting 23 April 2018 

     Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd.  Commissioner Riley gave the invocation followed by the pledge of allegiance.
     Roll call showed all members present.
     The agenda was approved as printed.  The previous 3 sets of minutes (including 2 Emergency Called Meetings) were approved after corrections.
Payroll/Personnel Report:
     No new hires, no separations.  .50 minutes of overtime was split between workers in the Probate Judge office.  Motion to approve received unanimous vote.
Claims Approval:
     There were no claims over the $500.00 or $3,000.00 limits.  There are regular, under the limit claims to be paid.  Motion to approve received unanimous vote.
Conecuh County Safe Room:
     EMA Director Johnny Brock noted the “knockbox” was in hand and needed installing.
EMA Director’s Report:
     Mr. Brock noted there was a $19,500.00 grant available for cameras.  He requested permission to pursue this grant with the general idea of getting 7 indoor and 6 outdoor cameras.  Permission granted to pursue the grant.  Commissioner Millender suggested getting with Sheriff Brock on where to place these cameras considering the sheriff’s department is responsible for security.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee advised the new motor graders are in.  He asked that all motor grader crews bring equipment and motor graders to engineer office tomorrow (Tuesday 24 April) where a swap out of gear can be conducted.  He estimates 1.5 hours to complete the swap out.  Mr. Faulkenberry of Warrior Tractor was on hand also.  He thanked the commission for giving his company the opportunity to serve Conecuh and noted he would also have person on hand tomorrow morning at the engineer office to address some of the changes with the new equipment.  One item in particular, the new motor graders will have a password code that must be input before the equipment can be used.  There is also a master password code to be given to the commissioners in the event something happens and their grader person cannot be on hand.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Brown advised the commission body of the financing for 2 bush hogs was completed.
     She noted the motor grader cost was $237,733.00 each.  Financing is completed for them; however she noted the commissioners wanted on grader put on a lease program.  She noted the lease grader is a $20,000.00 cost payable in 2 equal annual payments.
     Ms. Brown had a sample of a county map from map solutions for the commissioner’s approval.  Commissioner Millender asked if these maps were currently given out free of charge or if there was a cost.  Ms. Brown noted that in the past there had been a $1.00 charge for the maps but that had gone by the wayside and the maps were given out for no cost now.  The commissioners OK’ed ordering 150 maps.
     She noted the total cost for the 3 motor graders was $713,159.00.
County Attorney:
     Mr. Bishop noted lease renewal negations with Mr. Pattel dealing with the KFC property at exit 96 were in progress.
Commissioners Comments and Announcements:
     Meeting with the Merit Board and completing the handbook was stressed by
Commissioner Millender.
     It was determined they would hold a work session 30 April at 10 AM. 
     It was also determined that recommendations for the Probate Judge’s salary is basically in a hold status.  It will take an act by state legislature/house to change the Probate Judge salary.
     Discussion of the animal shelter renovation took place.  It was questioned whether or not to attempt to do the work with current county employees or possibly use a contractor.  It was determined the first course of action was to make a list of and acquire material for needed repairs.  Discussion showed there were several areas of concern that would require an outside contractor to cover the situation.
     Please note that just prior to the animal shelter renovation conversation 3 people entered the commission chambers wearing a Support Sid “T” shirt.  They sat down on the back row and never spoke.
News Media Comments:
     I asked the commission body that, considering it’s almost time for a chairmanship change based on their set schedule and District 3 Commissioner Andrews is next in line to be chairman, if they had made any contingency plans considering Andrews legal status, the fact he should be going to trial soon and the probability of his conviction was very high.  I was informed they had not made any plans as of this time.

Motion to Adjourn:  9:30 AM

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