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Commission Meeting 23 October 2017
Call to order by Chairman Byrd at 9 A. M.  Opening invocation by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
All members present for roll call.
The agenda was approved as printed.  Previous minutes were approved as read.
Payroll/personnel report:
     There was one new hire in the engineering department and one rehire in the sheriff’s department.  One separation from the sheriff’s department was reported.  NO OVERTIME to report.
     Discussion of the rights and benefits of the rehire in the sheriff’s department ensued.  It was determined that, considering the rehire had received all payouts for their prior service and was placed on the retired list, their status would be the same as a new hire and they must meet new the new hire policy.
     It has been noted that time sheets are being signed by individuals.  For future reference, time sheets for county workers will be signed by the commissioner for the district involved.
Claims approval:
     There were no over the limit claims to be approved.
Revenue Commissioner:
     Mr. Jimmy Bell came before the commission body again to discuss the left over business of his last visit dealing with a “bonus” payment to his employees. 
     County Attorney Bishop noted that the pay Mr. Bell is discussing cannot be paid out under the current guidelines  
     After discussion no action was taken, time limit of 5 minutes had been reached and the issue was tabled until the next meeting.  (In other words, forget it).
Conecuh Safe Room:
     A short presentation of where the safe room stood.  It was noted that a decision needed to be made on what appliances were to be included in the building.
     There is one change order that had to be addressed.  The planned louvers for the windows must be changed to meet FEMA specs.
     It was noted that parking around the building was insufficient with only 19 spaces available.  Several suggestions were made as to how to increase the parking area.  This will be looked into and perhaps some additional parking places can be put in.
     The name to appear on the building was again discussed.  It appears the name will be the Conecuh County Safe Room.  (Subject to change).
     Grant writer Cara Stallman noted there is an outstanding invoice from September in the amount of $137,243.58.  Motion to pay the invoice was approved.
EMA Director:
     Mr. Johnny Brock brought forth some paperwork requiring the chairman’s signature which will allow the county to get additional funds for having met requirements.
     Mr. Brock noted that the chairman’s signature was also needed for payment of the Lyeffion Water Authority claim.  This was a previously approved claim.
     The question arose as to security cameras at the Safe Room.  It was determined that security camera’s would be installed by the contractors.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee noted that we had the inmate trash pickup program was back on line and currently they were following the bush hogging crew and doing clean up.
     Road projects are ongoing.  Currently waiting on dry weather to finish the Old Sparta Road project.
     Mr. Foshee noted that projects receiving Federal Hwy. funds must have cleared right-of-ways with mailboxes being the big hang up.  Certain specifications must be met and mailboxes enclosed in brick and/or other strong type materials must be changed to some type of break-away pole.  The county is bearing the expense of taking these mailboxes down.
     Mr. Foshee announced that private roads will receive blue name signs to designate them as such.  (Check back about 10 years ago and see what I suggested, final it catches up).
     It was noted that Mr. Foshee will be establishing a plan for bad weather such as ice and snow.  Basically a time or condition will be set whereby the county will not respond to any calls until the inclement weather has passed through.  This is to protect both the county workers and equipment.  (In other words, poor planning on your part will not constitute an emergency on the part of the county.  Everyone should be smart enough to know not to get out in weather that’s impossible to travel in).
     Commissioner Riley asked when C. R. 32 would receive much needed repair work.  Mr. Foshee stated it was set to go on the repairs.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Brown addressed A/C problems.  She stated that the A/C units are under out of date software.  Cost to upgrade the software is estimated at $3,000.00.  This cost can be cut in half by installing thermostats in the Courthouse.  Motion to install 5 “limited” access thermostats was approved by unanimous vote.
     Ms. Brown noted that Mr. Willie Johnson would be adding a service charge to his billing in the future.  Mr. Johnson had advised Ms. Brown the service charge became necessary because the county work was pulling him from his business’s work schedule.
County Attorney:  Nothing to report.
Commissioners Comments and announcements:
     Commissioner Riley forwarded another request that the commission schedule a work session in hopes it would stop some of the “surprise” items coming before the commission body.  A motion was made to hold work sessions.  Motion failed by a vote of 3-2.  Commissioners Riley and Andrews voting yes, all other voting no.
     Commissioner Millender noted that numerous items coming before the commission body were not being cleared by the administrator.  He stated that many of these problems could be handled if those with these problems brought them to the administrator.  Ms. Brown noted that no approaches her.
     A session to review the new handbook was scheduled for Monday, 30 October at 10 AM.
News Media:
     I had one question for the commission body dealing with the Safe Room.  I asked who designed a room supposedly to house 200 people during an emergency, yet they left off parking.  As I expected, there was no answer for this question.

Motion to adjourn:  10:10 AM

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