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Conecuh County Commission Meeting 26 February 2018
Call to order by Chairman Byrd at 9 AM.  Prayer by Commissioner Campbell was next followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll call by the Administrator showed all members present.
The agenda was approved as printed.
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.
Payroll/Personnel Report:
     Ms. Leigh noted there were no new hires during this time frame.  There was one separation from the Sheriff’s Department.  There was one (1) hour of overtime requiring approval.  Motion to approve the payroll/personnel report passed by unanimous vote.
     Ms. Leigh pointed out the county handbook has not been approved.  Commissioner Millender noted there were still some minor problems in the handbook.  He also noted that the merit board has yet to respond to the handbook and their input is absolutely necessary.  Mr. Millender also noted that the current merit board does not seem to be functioning very well.  Mr. Jerome Boykin, merit board member, was in the audience and asked to speak on the merit board.  He noted that the merit board had established a once per month meeting minimum, just in the event a county employee needed to approach them.  Mr. Boykin stated that the meetings are sometimes cancelled simply because the chairman cannot be there.  He also noted that when the merit board meets it’s normally only 3 people that show up.  In his opinion the meetings should not be cancelled and attendance must go up.
     Again, it was pointed out that the handbook has been available for a reasonable period of time yet several members of the merit board have not bothered to pick them up.
     Suggestions on how to improve the merit board were offered with the most positive one being to set a rule in place that anyone missing three (3) meetings in a row will be asked to resign from the merit board.  A motion was made to adopt this rule.  When the vote came down for the recommendation there was a unanimous vote response to enacting the three (3) missed meeting rule.
     Ms. Leigh addressed the Deferred Compensation Plan.  She noted this is a good thing for the employees and she wanted to be able to call a meeting of representatives and workers to have the plan fully explained.  After discussion it was determined the routine to be followed would be to invite the representatives to the next commission meeting and work from there to set up a meeting with the employees.
     The county is in receipt of an invoice from Baldwin County dealing with housing juveniles.  Cost to the county $10,185.00.
Approval of Claims:
     No over-the-limit claims were presented.
Conecuh Safe Room:
     Nothing to report at this time.
EMA Director’s Report:
     Mr. Johnny Brock presented two (2) grant documents for chairman’s signature.  These are checks the county gets from the state and federal government for Mr. Brock having achieved the milestones set.  The check from the state will be $5,796.00.  The federal check will be a much more juicy check.
     Commissioner Millender asked Mr. Brock about conducting some fire drills to ensure everyone knew what/where/when they were supposed to report in the event of a fire.  Mr. Brock advised him he would take care of the drill procedure very soon.
     It was asked if grant money for camera’s still existed.  Mr. Brock said it was still available but it they wanted to apply for a grant they must do so ASAP.  Mr. Millender encouraged Mr. Brock to get on the project of getting cameras for the lower section of the court house.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee advised the commission everything was on track for getting the new motor graders and for selling the old ones.  He said we should have the new machines on hand by 10 April.
     Mr. Foshee noted he had a petition to close a portion of a dirt road in District One (1).  The dirt road runs through property owned by Mr.  & Ms. Joel Pate.  Motion to approve request passed by unanimous vote.
     A question dealing with the bridge repair on Winston Bell road arose.  The pipe is in place and the work should be done soon.
 County Administrator:
     Ms. Brown advised that the termite contact needed to be renewed.  Cost to the county $500.00.  Approved by unanimous vote.
     One of the DHR Board Members term has expired.  They still express a desire to serve on the board.  Motion to reappoint approved by unanimous vote.
     Ms. Brown requested to attend and Admin Conference to be held 9-10 May.  Permission granted by unanimous vote.
County Attorney:
     Mr. Bishop noted that the State of Alabama and several other lesser entities such as counties, cities and towns have elected to engage in a class action style lawsuit against the manufactures of opioid distributors.   The county can engage in this lawsuit with no requirement for any funding.  Should there be a settlement made in the suit the class action attorneys will get a percentage of the proceeds and the remainder will come to the county.  Unanimous vote to participate in the legal action.
     It was noted that the local amendment on the voting house has not yet passed.  Suggestion forwarded to contact our local house rep., Mr. Greg Albritton.
Commissioners Comments and Announcements:
     Mr. Andrews, District 3, stated he had been approached by the B. O. E. bus supervisor asking for help from the county dealing with buses bogging down at their end of the day stops.  They are sinking into the ground when sitting still overnight.  It was determined that each commissioner follow their own mind keeping in mind this is to help our children get to school.
News Media:
     I asked if there had been any further determination dealing with the payment for the office of Probate Judge.  I was advised more information needed to be gathered before any suggestions were offered.   
     I also asked the Administrator and the Commissioners if any of them had received a letter from the Blackbelt Heritage group.  They all responded they had not received any correspondence.
     I noted that Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), a disease that causes the massive deaths of deer, had been discovered in our neighbor Mississippi.  This disease can devastate the deer population.  Current regulations state that no deer carcass from a state experiencing CWD can be transported over state lines.  There are also several rules and regulations about how venison can be transported from an infected state.
     With CWD knocking at our door and current habit of many hunters to just dump deer carcasses along the roads, into the waterways, etc.; it would be very easy for Alabama to have an outbreak of CWD. 
     I suggested to the commissioners that it could be to all’s advantage if they could/would set up 2 or 3 areas within each district whereby a hunter could take the remnants of dead deer to an that area and dump them in an already dug hole and ever so often the commissioners could have their equipment return and cover these remnants.
     Mr. Andrews also noted that there is an overabundance of dead deer along our highways that should be removed too.

 Motion to adjourn:  9:45 AM

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