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Commission Meeting 26 June 2007
     Call to order by Chairman Millender at 9 AM.  Invocation offered by Commissioner Byrd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
     Roll call showed all members present.
     The agenda and previous meeting minutes approved by unanimous vote.
Payroll/Personnel Report:
     There was one separation from the county during this reporting period.  14.5 hours of overtime was reported, Probate Office 1.5 hours, Jail 9 hours and District 3 had 4 hours.
     This report was approved by unanimous vote.
     Ms. Lee announced that during the recent merit board nominations and elections she had made a mistake in that she had not credited Mr. Jerome Boykin with having been nominated by both the Road Department and the Courthouse.  This effectively took Mr. Boykin out of contention for the merit nominee for the Road Department.  She also noted that Mr. Homer Lyons, who was the nominee and elected to represent the Road Department, has requested his name be withdrawn due to a conflict in schedule.
      This leaves the ongoing, forever merit board which should have been in place last November a member short.  A suggestion was offered to have the road department re-nominate a representative. 
     After lengthy discussion, this was put in the form of a motion and carried by a 3-2 vote.
Claims Approval:
     There were no claims over the authorized limits.
Conecuh County Safe Room:
     Ms. Cara Stallman presented pay request in the total amount of $75,000.00.  Motion to pay made by Commissioner Campbell, 2 by Commissioner Riley.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.
     Ms. Stallman noted the commission needed to approve a resolution dealing with the water grant.  This grant is for a $350,000.00 project, $50,000.00 to be paid by the county and $50,000.00 by the water authority.  Motion to approve carried.
     Ms. Stallman informed the commission that new rules were in effect for grant request.  She advised that job procurement be completed before the grant application is submitted.
County Extension Office:
     Ms. Cindy Knowlton reported the extension office is very busy.  She noted the 4-H is very active with upcoming pig showings.  Also, several other plans are in the offing.
Evergreen Medical Center Bank Loan:
     Mr. Tom McClendon of the EMC was on hand to discuss the impending loan and the counties part therein.  Basically the county is going to co-sign as a guarantee on the loan.
     It was noted there must be a public hearing prior to the commission voting on this issue.  Public hearing is scheduled for 10 July meeting.
4-H Projects:
     Mr. Tim Covin came before the commission body seeking assistance in getting  help in constructing an arena for the local 4-H participants to show their animals and also described how this arena can be used for other programs.
     Mr. Coving has already made arrangements with the Board of Education in property location to build the arena.  It will be situation across the road from South Alabama Gas.  Approximate material cost is $232,000.00; construction cost will vary depending on how much the county can help in prep.
     It was determined that a meeting with the commission, city, B. O. E. and interested parties to discuss this move needed to be scheduled.  Meeting is now scheduled for 1 PM on 10 July and the public is invited and encouraged to attend.
Revenue Commission:
     Mr. Jimmy Bell brought before the commission an annual required report from his office.  This report must have the chairman’s signature prior to submission.  Taken care of.
Sheriff’s Report:
     Sheriff Brock advised the commission he had submitted bid request for the jail lighting project.  Low bid was $35,218.50.  The sheriff requested the commission approve this bid so the project can get started.  Approved by unanimous vote.
EMA Director:
     Mr. Johnny Brock informed the commission an ACTA Conference was being held soon and he desired his assistant be allowed to attend.  He noted he had money programmed into his budget for this but needed to have the county cover the mileage factor.  The commission took no action on this request.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee noted that past practice for both the July 4 week and Christmas week was to allow the employees to use vacation time and take those weeks off.  He requested permission to do so again this year.  Arrangements have been made for emergencies.  Commission approved this request.
     Mr. Foshee reported the recent heavy rains had impacted the bush hogging efforts but everything is getting back on tract.  He also noted that both the new and old side cutters are in operation now.
     It was also noted the County Road 85 repaving program is in a hold status due to weather problems but it should get underway ASAP.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Brown noted that an opportunity to provide a one-time bonus to the retirees was available however the county must put into it.
     A $1,000.00 request from ALATOM for an ATR project was addressed and approved.
     Ms. Brown noted a hardware maintenance agreement needed renewal.  This will be addressed at the next meeting.
County Attorney:
     No input
Auburn University Update:
     Ms. Maria Tamblyn talked with the commission.  The Auburn group had been hired to do county job descriptions but due to a change in priorities has been requested to complete a county handbook first.  (Brief Background.  This project had originally been undertaken by Webb and Elly law firm with attorney Jamie Kidd working the project.  This project got basically derailed when it was determined two of our commissioner, andrews and Cook, had been directing Ms. Kidd as to what was to go into the handbook.  Ms. Kidd actually came to a meeting dealing with the handbook and was not completely truthful at this meeting when questioned about these issues.)
     After discussion the chair asked for a motion to allow Auburn to do the handbook.  andrews immediately responded with “a motion to deny.”  
     Heated discussion ensued and andrews motion died due to a lack of a second.  andrews made a second motion that the county accepts the work done by Webb and Elly, again his motion died due to no second.  Ultimately a motion to allow Auburn to do the job was made by Commissioner Byrd and seconded by Commissioner Riley.  Motion carried on a 4-1 vote with andrews being the only dissenting vote.
     Commissioner Riley stated he wanted the handbook a quickly as possible and was assured by Ms. Tamblyn it would receive priority treatment.
Commissioners Comments and Announcements:
     andrews requested that 4 of the new merit board members be sworn in.  Chairman Millender asked Attorney Bishop if they could legally do it, Bishop to check on same and get back.
     It was determined the names of nominees from the road department be turned in by Thursday.
     Chairman Millender noted the courthouse had received some damage from the recent rains and wind.  Water has leaked around some of the windows.  King Glass has been contacted and will be out next week to take a look.  It was also noted that former county maintenance man Mr. Willie Johnson be authorized to do intermittent tours (every 2 weeks) of the courthouse noting any problems he may see.  He is also serving as an on call person to fix or repair some of the existing problems.  This was put in the form of a motion and approved unanimously.
News Media:
     Mr. Robert Bozeman, Evergreen Courant, asked for clarification on the vote dealing with the merit board re-nomination.

Adjourn:  11:05 AM

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