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Commission Meeting 26 March 2018
     Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd, invocation by Commissioner Campbell followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
     Roll call showed all members present, the agenda was approved as written and the previous minutes were approved as read.
Payroll/Personnel Report:
     There were 2 new hires and one rehire.  The 2 new hires were for jail C. O.’s and the rehire was for a County Deputy position.
     A total of 6 hours of overtime was submitted by the motor vehicle division and was approved.
Claims Approval:
     There were no over the limit claims in either gasoline or general fund.
Conecuh Safe Room:
     Again there was no one present to give a report.
Guyoung Tech-Tax Abatement Request:
     Mr. Joo Kim from Guyoung Tech was on hand with a report that Guyoung Tech started a new hire program today whereby they will hire an additional 25 people.  They are also installing new equipment.  This expansion is to place Guyoung Tech in the position to handle the “Santa Fe”.  The abatement is for a 10 year period at the end of that time Commissioner Millender noted Guyoung Tech could re-approach the commission body and request an additional 10 years.  Tax abatement approved by unanimous vote.
     Mayor Kirksey of Castleberry approached the commission asking for help in getting some Castleberry roads patched.  He noted the Strawberry Festival is scheduled for 21 April.  Board member andrews stated the county would help them in these patching jobs.  County engineer Foshee noted that the patch jobs were the responsibility of his department and he had a schedule he was attempting to follow and would get to Castleberry when the opportunity offered itself.  He also noted the weather as of late had not been favorable to patching or paving. 
     Tensions were felt in the meeting chambers as Andrews attempted to explain to Mr. Foshee that the Castleberry streets were also considered county roads and the Castleberry citizens paid their taxes.  Mr. Foshee’s reply was those roads were considered city streets.   He noted he worked for the body of 5 commissioners and they gave him direction, until he was told otherwise he would be following his schedule.  He noted any patching in Castleberry in the past has always been done by the county and he would handle it this time too.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee informed the commission the 4 motor-graders were being prepared for selling and is working on a guarantee system.  There are 3 companies in the bidding war for our used equipment with the following results;
Deanco is guaranteeing $180,420.00;  J. M. Woods guarantees $223,200.00 and Richie Brothers comes in with a guarantee of $221,325.00.  Take these figures, divide them by four for the units we’re are getting rid of and you’ll find out what we’re getting from each grader.  These graders were originally bought in May of 2008.
     Mr. Foshee noted he had been contacted asking for the county to overtake upkeep on a dirt road approximately 2/10 mile in distance.  This road is an offshoot from Brushy Creek Road.  A motion was made to accept the proposal and, when voted on, passed by unanimous vote.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Brown announced a meeting for administrators was to be held on 4 April 2018 in Mobile and she planned to attend.
County Attorney:
     Nothing to report
Commissioners Comments/Announcements:
     Nothing to report
New Media:
     No questions
Call for Executive Session to discuss Matters of Commerce and/or trade:
     All Districts voted in favor of the executive session which began at 9:20 AM.
Return to Regular Session:
     Returned to regular session at 9:45.  It was announced the county had discussed entering into a business agreement with “Next Move Group” represented by Mr. Chad Chancellor.  Mr. Chancellor spoke briefly about what his company would provide over the next year which included contacting 5 different organizations every normal work day with designs of expansion that would fit with Conecuh’s look to the future.  The cost of the contract with this group is $24,000.00 annually to be paid in 1/3 installments.  If, at any time the county fills Next Move Group is not fulfilling their obligations they may stop payment and drop the contract.
     The floor was opened for questions and I asked Mr. Chancellor if the City of Evergreen had been in contact with his company as part of a possible joint effort.  Mr. Chancellor informed me Evergreen had not been in contact with them.
     A motion to enter into this contract was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote.
Executive Session: 
     Another request to enter into executive session was made and honored at 10:55 AM.  This one was to discuss good name and character.

     After waiting for 20 additional minutes I discovered I’d had all the fun I could for a meeting day and left.  I was later told no action followed the executive session; in fact, the first matter of business out of executive session was a motion to adjourn.  

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