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County Commission Meeting 27 November 2017
     Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd, followed by an opening invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.
     Roll call showed all members present.
     The agenda was approved with one minor modification.  Item 7 was set as a discussion on economic development between the City of Evergreen and the Conecuh County Commission.  County Attorney Bishop asked this item be moved to item number 11 which is the County Attorney’s report.
     The minutes of the previous regular scheduled meeting and the special call meeting of 21 November were approved as read.
Payroll/Personnel Report:
     For the first time in my memory there was nothing to come forward under this report.
Approval of Claims:
     There were no over the limit claims to report.
Janice Myers Resolution:
     Recently retired and longtime county worker Ms. Janice Myers was recognized for her 28 years of service to Conecuh County.  This resolution was presented by County Engineer Winston Foshee, her supervisor during her final phase of employment.  Ms. Myers will be a missed individual.
Cooperative District Board Appointment:
     A motion to nominate Ms. Janell Stott to the position was made by District Five Commissioner Millender, seconded by District Two Commissioner Riley. 
     Upon this nomination and second, District Three Commissioner andrews burst out with an interjection that he could not understand this board of commissioners.  He went on to say that they had a person ready and available in this room now that had been to a variety of schools and programs based on this very same thing and they, (the commissioners), were ignoring the facts before them.  He went on to reference a statement made by Commissioner Millender in the recent past dealing with where Millender stated he thought this board did not know what they were doing.  His entire tirade was aimed at getting himself put back on that board after he was not re-elected to it.  (Perhaps the county is looking down the road at andrews not being able to hold office from prison if he is found guilty on the 6 counts of drug distribution he currently faces).
    A call for the vote resulted in 4 ayes and 1 nay with andrews being the dissenting vote.
Conecuh Safe Room:
     There was no one available to give a report on the safe room.
County Engineers Report:
1.    Mr. Winston Foshee advised the commission that he had a person that was resigning from his department.  This person had been hired in at an operator 1 position which meant they were not required to get a CDL license meaning they could not drive much of the equipment assigned to the engineering department.  Foshee asked to change the position from Op 1 to Op noting this would improve the performance of his department.  Motion made, seconded and passed to change the position.
2.    Foshee noted a practice of purchasing new bush hogs every three years had been in practice and had worked well for the county.  He noted this was the third year on the current bush hogs and requested permission to order new ones and, in the spring, put the current ones on the Gov. Deal board.  Permission granted.
3.    A request for overtime was made due to the impending agreement to help Reid State rework and repair some of the area set up for CDL testing.  Mr. Foshee noted that Reid State will pay all the expenses incurred during this repair; he simply needed to make the commission aware that overtime would be encountered during this process.  Permission granted.
4.    Mr. Foshee recommended that for the impending Christmas holiday season that each district determine whether or not they were going to have their workers take leave or continue to work.  A motion to allow this was passed by unanimous vote.
     Mr. Foshee had no further business to come before the commission.  Mr. Millender recommended there be a work session with the engineering department after the next regularly scheduled meeting.
County Administrator:
1.         Ms. Stephanie Brown informed the commission body that the IBM server contract was about to expire and requested they approve a renewal of the same at an annual cost of $2,990.00.  This recommendation was approved.
2.         In hand with the above she also told the commissioners the AVG protection software was expiring and requested to continue the 30 licenses issued to county computers.  Cost for this is $900.00 per year.  Request approved.
3.         Ms. Brown asked if the commission was ready to set the holiday schedule for 2018.  She had prepared a proposal for next year’s holidays and it was approved by unanimous vote.
4.         Ms. Brown informed the commissioners that the 2 December meeting needed to be rescheduled to stop a conflict with Christmas Day.  It was determined the meeting would be rescheduled for Wednesday, 20 December 2017.
5.         The annual Christmas Party is scheduled for 15 December, 11:30 AM-1:30 PM.  The commission offices will be closed during that period.
6.         A problem with an A/C evaporator core created a situation in the courthouse causing a fire alarm to go off.  Ms. Brown noted that when the alarm went off it lead to a touch of confusion and people not really knowing where to go or how to respond.  After discussion it was determined to have EMA director Johnny Brock establish and promulgate procedures to follow in the event something like this happened again.
County Attorney’s Report:
     Attorney Bishop noted that the cooperative district board formation putting both the city and county working together placed both himself and the cities attorney, Richard Hartley, working together on a common goal.  He requested from the commission that he be authorized to move forward with Mr. Hartley on the goals set and that an advisory board be established to advise the Cooperative District Board.
     It was duly noted that time is not becoming our friend and whatever needs to be done to get the program off the ground needs to be done post haste. 
     Motion to allow Bishop to move forward passed by unanimous vote.
Commissioners Comments and Announcements:
     Commissioner Riley encouraged the commission to move as fast as possible toward getting everything in order to work toward bringing businesses to our county/city.
     Mr. Riley also noted that the recently discussed arena has a strong support group behind it and he wanted the commissioners to try and set a meeting date with this group to move forward on establishing an arena.
     andrews, not willing to give up on the appointment to the Cooperative District Board again launched into how this board did not know what they were doing.  He stated that the actions taken by the board by not re-appointing him had already cost the county a business that had been ready to come there and the actions of today (again by not re-appointing him) would likely cost another client to pull out.
      (My opinion, andrews, through his bullying, pushing and hardball tactics of the previous term of commissioners has finally gotten the opportunity to see what several of the other commissioners had to live with when andrews and his little cowardly coalition would support him even when he was wrong.  Now the shoe is on the other foot and he has become as ineffective as last year’s news yet he can’t seem to give up the idea that he’s still in charge.  Amazing what an election can do toward righting some wrongs.  Also, let’s not forget he could still be facing 60 years in prison when his trial for distribution of drugs comes up.  Enjoy yourself johnny, I’m sure you’d tell me that if the shoe was on the other foot.)
     Commissioner Byrd stated he had been approached about a lack of handicap parking and access facilities for the voting public at the old health department.  Commissioner Millender noted repairs were already underway to correct this situation.
Executive Session:
     A motion to go into executive session to discuss pending litigation and personnel was made.  A voice vote by district was conducted.  All commissioners voted yes with the exception of andrews who voted no.

I questioned if any action would be taken after the executive session and was told none was expected.  I left.     

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