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Commission Meeting 28 August 2017
     Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Millender.  Invocation by Commissioner Byrd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
     Roll call showed all members present.
Approve the Agenda:
     The agenda as written was approved by unanimous vote.
 Approve the previous minutes:
     The minutes from 14 August were approved as written.
Payroll/Personnel Report:
     There were no personnel changes to note.  There were 39 hours of overtime as follows; Probate Office 9 hours; Motor Vehicles Office 2 hours; Sheriff’s Department 26 hours and District One 2 hours.
     Chairman Millender noted that the Probate Office had 9 hours of overtime requested.  He also pointed out that at the previous meeting a motion had been made to only pay for the overtime involved with Election Day. 
     After discussion a motion was made to pay all overtime charges except those from the Probate Office.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.
Claims Approval: 
     There were no over the limit claims for both gasoline and general funds.
Rotation of Chairman:
     Chairman Millender noted his time as Chairman was to end before the next regularly scheduled commission meeting.  It noted that at the first meeting of this commission body it was determined by unanimous vote the rotation cycle would be District 5 Commissioner as chair followed by District Four, Three, Two and One.  A motion for Commissioner Byrd to assume the chairmanship was made and passed unanimously.
 NAACP Spokesperson:
     Mr. Jerome Gray addressed the commission about what was perceived as a problem with how the commission body had dealt with Ms. Shawnee Booker, E-911 Director, at the E-911 meeting on 14 August 2017.
     Most of Mr. Gray’s points were based on a letter Ms. Booker had written to the Commission Body and the NAACP.  In this letter she also noted she had decided to file an EEOC complaint.
     Mr. Gray pointed out a variety of things that were primarily prefaced with his beliefs and also asked several questions about which direction the body planned on going.  He also asked if Ms. Booker had been a different sex and/or race would she have been treated the same.
     Even though there is supposed to be a 5 minute time limit on presentations, Mr. Gray was allowed to go beyond this time frame.
     At the end of Mr. Gray’s presentation Chairman Millender asked if any board members had anything they wished to respond to or say.  Attorney Bishop spoke up and noted that anything said could possibly be construed to fall under the category of “Good Name and Character” clause of executive session and recommended this issue be taken up at an executive session at a future time.
Grant Writer Report:
     Ms. Cara Stallman addressed the commission body on the safe room progress and advised there was an $119,000.00 invoice still outstanding. 
     She also spoke of the impending CDBG.  One of the requirements for the CDBG is to have a written plan dealing with any language barriers so all persons will be informed as to what is going on.  This requirement is a federal law that is now required for CDBG applications.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee advised the commission he was in receipt of a proposal from Woods (Inc.) dealing with the pre-purchase (selling) of used dump trucks.  After discussion it was determined this pre-purchase plan could be beneficial to the county.  Mr. Foshee was directed to check into getting other pieces of equipment into this same program.
     Chairman Millender asked Mr. Foshee if he was aware of or had any dealings with a state program dealing with “Keep Alabama Beautiful”.  Chairman Millender noted that under this program the state would furnish or at least help in getting trash bags, pickup sticks and safety gear for people involved in trash cleanup.  Mr. Foshee was tasked with looking into this program and how it could/would help the county.
     Mr. Foshee informed the commission body that he had been approached about helping Reid State correct an erosion problem on campus.  He stated he had looked at the situation and felt that it could easily be handled by the engineering department.  He went on to note that he had proposed doing this job on a Friday with the college paying for the equipment, products and personnel.  The commission body voted unanimously to allow Mr. Foshee to pursue this project.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Stephanie Brown informed the commission of monies owed to the Co-operative district based on the tax exempt aspect of an agreement with the cooperative district.  The amount of money owed in sales tax is; from the Shrimp Basket, $3,579.74 and Piggly Wiggly; $7,780.37.  Motion to pay passed by unanimous vote.
     Ms. Brown noted some problems with the courthouse closing scheduled.  This will be addressed at a work session.
     Ms. Brown is in receipt of a check for $11,940.00 for the 2017 year.  This was awarded as a low loss refund based on the counties low number of accident losses.
County Attorney:
     Mr. Bishop reported he is still conversing with the bank and the hospital dealing with the cosigning of a loan.
Commissioners Comments/Announcements:
     Commissioner Riley announced he had been in contact with Mr. Tim Covin and there was a pig show coming up on 16 September.
     Chairman Millender called for a work session to be scheduled.  After discussion Tuesday, 5 September was the day settled upon.  Items for discussion are budget hearings and paying a onetime bonus to county retirees.
News Media:
     I asked if roadside cleanup by inmates had resumed and was informed the cleanup was in progress again.
     I asked if I could acquire a copy of the letters referred to in Mr. Gray’s presentation.  Chairman Millender stated he would discuss it with the attorney.
Executive Session:
     An executive session was called for and by unanimous voice vote; motion to go into executive session was approved.  Began 10:09 AM.
     Request to return to regular session approved at 10:35 AM

Motion to adjourn:  10:35 AM

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