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Conecuh County Commission Meeting 8 January 2018
     Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd.  Invocation offered by Commissioner Riley followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
     All members were present for roll call.
     The agenda was approved as printed and the previous minutes were approved after one amendment.  Approval received a unanimous vote.
Payroll/ Personnel Report:
     There were no personnel changes reported.  There were 8 hours of overtime originating from the animal shelter that needed approval.  4 hours logged for 25 December and 4 hours logged for 26 December 2017.
     Motion to approve met with unanimous vote.
     Commissioner Millender asked how accounting was for Christmas vacation time.  He stated he’d heard that some employees were using annual leave, sick leave and PTO to be able to enjoy a full, uninterrupted week of leave.  Mr. Millender noted this was illegal and an improper management of the leave policy.  He also asked if the appointing authority was signing the leave papers to which Ms. Lee responded with a yes answer.
Claims approval:
     Under the $500.00 general fund limit there were 5 claims in excess of the limit requiring approval.
     Under the $3,000.00 gasoline fund limit 1 claim was in excess.
     Motion to approval the claims met with unanimous approval.
Conecuh Safe Room:
     There was no one on hand for a safe room report.
County Animal Shelter:
     County Impounding Officer Sid Lambert reported that there had been another increase in the cost of spay/neutering in the amount of $10.00.  This brings the total fees charged for services to $120.00.  Currently this fee is paid by the county with the adopting party paying it back.  Mr. Lambert suggested that the county charge a $25.00 “pull” fee to come to the county and put spay/neutering and shots charges on the adopting party.
     After discussion the commission body approved this recommendation noting that the animal shelter manual must be re-vamped in that area to reflect the same.
     Mr. Lambert also asked about the waivers being used to cover the counties backside on the behalf of volunteers at the animal shelter.  The question was should a waiver be signed every time a volunteer helps or will one signed waiver be sufficient.  After discussion and noting that there are very few volunteers, it was determined to fill out a waiver for each person on each occasion.
Sheriff’s Department:
     Sheriff Brock informed the commission body that he currently has 2 vehicles incapacitated one of which is a Tahoe. The Tahoe has a bad motor in it and the cost for repairs is $710.00for a used motor with no warranty or $810.00 for a motor with a 36,000 mile warranty.  The commission agreed to purchase the new motor for the vehicle.
     Sheriff Brock did not have a full report and/or evaluation on the other vehicle at this time.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Winston Foshee announced there will be a safety issues meeting to be held in Prattville on 12 and 13 February 2018 and asked if anyone was interested in attending.  Mr. Foshee announced he would be attending and the commissioners agreed to canvass their people to see if anyone was interested.
     Mr. Foshee requested permission to start the process to sell 4 motor graders in the June time frame.  Commissioner Millender asked who he would be contacting to sell these graders.  Mr. Foshee responded with the usual list of contacts when we sell equipment.  The commission body granted permission for Mr. Foshee to start the process.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Stephanie Brown noted the tax rebate checks for the Shrimp Basket and Piggly Wiggly are in.  The Shrimp Basket portion is $3,000.00+ and the Piggly Wiggly is $7,000.00+.
     An invoice from Baldwin County dealing with charges for Conecuh County juvenile detention was presented in the amount of $2,205.00.  A motion to pay these charges met with a unanimous vote of approval.
     Ms. Brown advised the commission body that a Legislative Conference will be held in Washington D. C. on 3 March.  Plans need to be made now as to who will be going.
County Attorney:
     Mr. Anthony Bishop informed the commission that there were some changes to the medical care agreement with the sheriff’s department.  It was determined this would be a charge to the sheriff’s department and required no action by the commission.
     Mr. Bishop then informed the commission that he had been in discussions with Evergreen City Attorney Hartley over the composition of the Cooperative District membership.  It was noted that it had been determined and voted that the membership would increase to 7 members, 3 appointed by the city and 3 by the county.  The city has now nominated and voted to place Mr. Tim Dantz and sent the same to the county for their approval.
     Commissioner Riley told Mr. Bishop that this was not the way he remembered the agreement about the board membership.  He stated the initial understanding was the aforementioned 3/3 appointments then that board would get together and recommend a 7 member.  That 7 member was then to go before the city council for their approval and before the county commission for their approval.  This would offset/prevent any one group from gaining a majority controlled vote.
     Attorney Bishop stated he would get back with Attorney Hartley over this issue.
     Attorney Bishop then noted that the soon to be organized Economic Development Organization would be provided a building and utilities by the city and this would not be listed as part of the charges for the Economic Developer.
     Mr. Bishop also relayed that the Economic Development Board, as per Attorney Hartley, would consist of the 5 commissioners, 5 city council members and the mayor.
     Again this would be another obvious advantage to the city when it came to voting matters.  The commission opted not to make any decision on this until further discussions.
Commissioners Comments and Announcements:
     Commissioner Campbell noted that Circle W Trailers had donated 4 loads of sand for the Hillcrest Agriculture Department.  It has already been hauled and Mr. Jeremy Knox will take care of spreading and placing it.
     Commission Millender advised the commission body that Mr. Roberts, the NEW economic director, needed to have some kind of show that he was being hired.  He needs to go to work whereby he can have some income.  The commission discussed the agreement they had with Mr. Roberts and the city and determined that it would be in everyone’s best interest to hire Mr. Roberts post haste.  Commissioner Riley made a motion to this effect and it received unanimous support.
News Media:   Nothing from the news medial

Motion to Adjourn:  10:50

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