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Commission Meeting 9 April 2018
Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Byrd.
Prayer and pledge led by Chairman Byrd.
All members present for roll call.
The agenda and previous minutes were approved as read.
Payroll/personnel report:
     There were no new hires.  Sid Lambert was separated from the animal shelter.  A total of 1.5 hours overtime was approved for the Probate Judge Office.
     When a vote was called for andrews opposed the separation of Lambert.  Motion carried by majority vote.
Claims Approval:
     There were 8 claims over the $500.00 limit requiring approval including 2 invoices from Escambia County juvenile detention.  Commissioner Millender announced he was working with the sheriff toward finding a way to lessen or stop these charges.  Motion to approve met with unanimous approval.
Safe Room:
     Grant writer Cara Stallman presented a list of items the commission body must completed prior to getting a $20,000.00 remaining portion of the current grant.  Ms. Stallman also announced that she was aware of an additional $81,000.00 in funds available for the safe room however it will require a request for a grant extension which must be submitted through the city.  The original grant was to the city who was unable to maintain the grant due to a lack of funding.  The city in turn, gave the county the grant rights to execute the safe room.  That is the reason all paperwork has to travel a circuitous route to get completed.
     The city of Repton and Castleberry had submitted grant request for backup generators for times of power outages.  There’s no way to run down or locate paperwork showing proper justification for these request.  Both Castleberry and Repton will be required to withdraw their application request.
Bagby Elevator:
     Ms. Kristy Eubank of Bagby Elevator came before the commission offering the county a service agreement with Bagby to inspect and repair the elevators the county is responsible for.  The county advised they will take the review under consideration and tabled the request until they had time to discuss it.
County Engineer:
     Mr. Foshee advised the 4 motor graders scheduled for sale had received the highest paid amount from J. M. Woods Company.  The guaranteed amount the county will receive from them is $223,000.00 dollars for all motor graders.  He also advised it will take approximately $20,000.00 to get the motor graders in a passable condition.
     The engineer also requested the county allow him to negotiate a contract to use one company for sales of county equipment.  His recommendation was to used Woods for this duty too.  After discussion a motion was made and passed approving both the sales of the motor graders by Woods and to allow them a one year contract to handle county equipment sales.
     Mr. Foshee pointed out that a work session needed to be held to determine financing of the new motor grader which should be received within a week or so.  It was also noted the new bush hogs should be in next week.  Commissioner Millender proposed that 15% of the oil revenues be placed in the rainy day fund.  A motion was made to approve all these items and passed by unanimous vote.
     Engineer Foshee noted the following roads, in this order, are on the resurfacing list for this year:  C. R. 32; C. R. 54 and C. R. 19.
     It was determined an emergency call meeting to cover items necessary to be discussed dealing with this report would be held on 10 April 2018 at 10 AM.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Stephanie Brown asked the commission if they would be supporting the state wide recommended “Back to School” sales tax abatement.  A motion to this effect passed by unanimous vote.
     A request from the USDA dealing with repairs to the David Burt Building was next.  The commission will look into the USDA’s request.
     The semi-annual ALATOM meeting will be held in Demopolis this year.  Ms. Brown needs a list of names of the commissioners intending to attend.
County Attorney:
     Mr. Bishop presented a follow up to the presentation given by the solar panel company.  He noted there were some document issues that needed to be resolved and he was in receipt of paperwork from the company correcting those problems.  He also noted the chairman needed to sign that paperwork and return it.
     Mr. Bishop also noted the leased county property by the KFC needed to have a new lease agreement tendered or possibly sell the property.  A new lease will be renegotiated.
Commissioners Comments and Announcements:
     Commissioner andrews noted his district had purchased a new trailer recently and the old trailer was now surplus and was to be placed on the Gov. Deals site.
News Media Comments:
     Mr. Thad House had some questions about the motor graders.  It was deemed this was not on the agenda.

Motion to adjourn approved at 9:45 AM.  

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