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Commission Meeting 12 June 2017
Call to order at 9 AM by Chairman Millender.
Commissioner Campbell offered the invocation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
All members were present for roll call.  The agenda and previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote.
Payroll/Personnel Report:
     There have been 3 new hires by the Sheriff’s Department, 1 cook and 2 C. O.’s.  There were 3 separations during this period.
     17.5 hours of overtime was reported as follows:  Sheriff’s Department 5.5 hours, Animal Shelter 4 hours and District 2 had 8 hours.
     It was reported the Auburn group will be here on 2 June to cover the work done to date on the county handbook and job descriptions.  This will be scheduled for a 10:30 AM work session open to the public.
     The merit board situation came up again.  After questions of misunderstanding, miscues and missed whatever’s it finally came to a vote for merit board membership.  The Courthouse and Road Department representatives were chose first.  They were Willie B. Crutchfield from the courthouse elected by a vote of 3-2; Homer Lyons for the Road Department elected by a vote of 4 ayes, 1 abstains.
     There were 4 names forwarded by the commission body for consideration, Alisha Salter, Mary Moncrease, Nell Scott and Aubrey Padgett.  andrews forwarded a motion that Salter, Moncrease and Padgett be elected to the board.  After being seconded the motion carried by a vote of 4 ayes, 1 abstain.
     To stop the confusion, the merit board will be:  Willie B. Crutchfield, Homer Lyons, Mary Moncrease, Alisha Salter and Aubrey Padgett.
Claims Approval:
     The general fund had one expenditure in excess of the $500.00 limit.  Approved by unanimous vote.
Conecuh County Safe Room:
     Reported by Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood representative.  The safe room is 2 weeks behind schedule due to excessive rain, anticipated completion date is now mid-August.  A change order was submitted dealing with louvers.  In the original bid it seems the FEMA approved and required louvers were left off.  Cost to rectify, $5,125.17.  Some discussion to deal with who will pay.
     A work session was asked for next Monday to discuss names on the floor plan; i.e., men’s room, etc.  Also, confirm appliances recommended and needed.  It was determined that Ms. Brown and Mr. Brock met with the rep. for these discussions.
     Tom McClendon from Evergreen Medical Center was next on the agenda but was another no show.  This deals with the loan guarantee the Medical Center wants to the county to cosign, MAYBE IF THEY CAN’T SHOW UP THEY DON’T NEED THE MONEY THAT BAD!!!!
Sheriff’s Report:
     Bids on jail lighting were scheduled to be opened at 9:30.  As the bids were being opened an additional bidder showed up and was informed he was late.
     The bids deal with all interior lighting at the jail.  American was the low bid for the job at $35,292.50.  The other 2 bids were $14,000-20,000 more.  Sheriff Brock to review the bids and ensure everything is covered.  Vote will be taken next meeting.
     There was a bid to replace the exterior wheelchair lift, cost $28,318.00.  This was the only bid entered and acceptance was unanimous.  This will change the now front open lift to an enclosed lift.
County Engineer:
     Winston Foshee is currently on leave but his assistant engineer reported that a motor grader school was starting tomorrow (Tuesday 13 June).  A few of the county employees will be taking this 2 day class.
     It was also stated that Hwy 85 paving will commence at the end of this month or the 1 of next month.
County Administrator:
     Ms. Stephanie Brown reported that a lease agreement from the Community Action Center was forwarded.  The lease will be for $3,600.00 per year and maybe cancelled by either party with 30 day notice.  The C. A. C. group is aware the building is also used as a voting poll and have agreed to clear out for voting days.  Motion to agree passed.
     The old Veterans Affairs Office has had an a/c leak that has done damage to the carpet and floors.  Smith’s Cleaners has submitted a cost price of $500.00 to clean the area.  Approved by unanimous vote.
     A review of bank statements shows the county is in an over spending situation.  Some departments appear to be O.K. to make it through the budget year but some will obviously overrun.  Ms. Brown was directed to send a memo to all department heads to cut back.  A budget review is scheduled for a 1 P.M. work session on 26 June.
     Mr. True called and an annual safety review is scheduled for 8:30 AM Wednesday.
County Attorney:
     No remarks from the county attorney.
Commissioners Comments and Announcements:
     andrews noted cameras can be placed.
     Chairman Millender noted there is a special call meeting on 19 June to deal with 1 item under Trade and Commerce
News Media:
     I asked if the special call meeting would be conducted in executive session.  It was noted a great portion of the meeting will be in executive session AND there may be a vote taken upon completion.
Executive Session:
     Chairman Millender asked for an executive session to discuss Good Name and Character.
     All commissioners voted yes to the executive meeting.
    Started at 10 A.M. with Sheriff Brock in attendance.
    Ended 10:50 A.M.

Motion to adjourn approved at 10:50 AM

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