Conecuh County News & Views LLC - Council Mtg. 7 Nov. 2017
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Evergreen City Council Meeting 7 Nov. 2017.
Invocation given by Mr. Mike Lanier.
Call to order by Mayor Wolff at 6 PM.
Roll call showed all members present.
Minutes Approval:
     Minutes of previous meeting was approved unanimously.
Mayor’s Report and Comments:
1.         Retired Teachers day is Tuesday, November 14, 2017.  The City of Evergreen proudly plans to sign a proclamation designating it as such.
2.    Veterans Day Program:
     Currently scheduled at Hillcrest High School on 9 November 2017 at 9 AM.  Council person Upton is the programmed guest speaker
3.         There will be a ceremony at the Evergreen-Conecuh Veterans Monument presented by Southside Magnet School.  Scheduled for Wednesday, 8 November at 12 PM.
4.         Fuel testing scheduled at local gasoline stations:
     The weight and measures division of Alabama Agriculture and Industries was called in to check a gas station that appeared to have some problems with proper gas/diesel delivery. 
     The weight and measures check revealed that water was present in the diesel fuel and the pumps were out of calibration on gasoline purchases.
     Anyone believing they may have a station with problems please contact Mr. Bobby McNeil with the City of Evergreen.
5.         The law firm of Beasley Allen has a class action suit for opioid drug problems and has asked the city to join them in the action.  After discussion and being informed there was no cost to the city, a motion to join Beasley Allen passed by unanimous vote.
Old Business:   None
New Business:
1.     The city agreed by unanimous vote to join the county in a cost shared effort to bring about an Economic Development program.
 County Commissioner Michael Riley of District 2 presented a plan whereby the city and county would contribute equal amounts of money working to bring industry and business to the area.  Together they have hired an economic director who has will be under contract to produce.  If, after a reasonable period of time nothing is forthcoming his contract can be invalidated.
  The proposal will include an advisory board to consist of 11 members with each commissioner and each council member appointing a delegate.  Meetings will be held at the depot on a scheduled basis and the advisory board is expected to report back to both the commission and council afterwards.
2.    2018 City of Evergreen Holiday Schedule was approved as printed.
3.    A resolution for a one-time salary supplement was passed by unanimous vote.
4.    County Fire Association contract change:
This is merely an extension of an existing grant contract.  Will cost the city nothing.  Passed by unanimous vote.
5.     City Clerk Appointment:
Council person Jerry Caylor made a motion to keep Carrie as the city clerk with no pay increase seconded by Council person Skinner.
A quick vote was called for and resulted in a 4-1 affirmative vote.  Council person Fountain attempted to bring discussion on the appointment but was not recognized until after the vote was taken.  When asked she stated she abstained from the vote because she was under the impression that the city was to re-advertise for the position and move on from there.
6.     Discussion 703 N. Main Street House:
Compliance Officer Bobby McNeil is to send the owner, Terry Matthews notice that, upon receipt of the letter, he will have 90 days to complete the repairs that have been going on for many years.  If the project is not acceptable after that time frame the issue of what to do about the property will be revisited.
7.     Resolution on Rural St. house:
Mr. McNeil advised the council that the Ann Scott residence is in a horrid state of disrepair with weeds, debris and litter all around.  Mr. McNeil was directed to contact Ms. Scott and inform her the city would be taking action toward demolishing the house if actions were not taken to correct the situation.
8.     Attorney Richard Hartley provided the council with a loan modification for EE&A (Shoney’s).  A motion was made and passed by unanimous vote to accept the attorney’s recommendation.
9.     Attorney Hartley also recommended approval of a lease assignment for the Shrimp Basket.  The council accepted the attorney’s recommendation by unanimous vote.
Accounts Payable:
     Approved by unanimous vote.

Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn 6:25 PM approved by unanimous vote.

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