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EMail From Jim Allen, Owner, Publisher of the Countian:

  • Hello Everyone,

    For the first time in 17 years there will be no Countian Newspaper
    issued this month.

    This decision was very difficult and one I didn't want to make, but one
    that has been forced upon us due to circumstances beyond our control.

    We ARE NOT ceasing publication! This is only a temporary setback and we
    plan to resume publication next month - or as soon as circumstances allow.

    We hope that our long-term advertisers, specifically Jason Norton at
    Baker Metal Works and Vince Johnson at Southern Pine Electric
    Cooperative will have patience and understanding during this difficult time.

    Jason, bless his heart, has supported our newspaper virtually from the
    very beginning 17 years ago and we owe him a debt of gratitude beyond words.

    Vince has also been with us for more than a decade and has personally
    worked with us to keep the public informed concerning upgrades to our
    area's electrical system, hurricane relief efforts, and youth programs
    sponsored by Southern Pine.

    How we got to this point; the state of Alabama has shut down all
    non-essential businesses due to the corona virus pandemic. That means
    potential advertisers for our newspaper are closed. That also means many
    people are temporarily out of work and have been ordered to stay at home
    until the threat of the virus has passed.

    Several of our newspaper distribution points have either closed
    completely or limited public access. In our case this includes banks,
    restaurants, barber shops, government facilities, and public utilities.

    Basically, due to the precautions imposed by the state of Alabama, we
    have been unable to secure enough advertising to make our April issue
    profitable - and approximately half of our distribution sites have
    temporarily been closed to the public.

    As most of you know our newspaper is a family business run by myself, my
    wife, Debbie, and our teenage son, Riley.

    Debbie and I are in the age category (over 50) and Riley has a mild
    asthma condition which puts us all at risk of a bad outcome should we
    become infected by the virus.

    Add all of these factors together and the prudent decision is to suspend
    publication until conditions improve. Hopefully we will be back up and
    running next month.

    To say suspending publication is putting us in dire financial
    circumstances is an understatement. But we are not alone. No doubt many
    of you are also facing a similar situation.

    Our hope and prayer is that this unprecedented crisis to our nation will
    be over soon.

    Everyone stay safe, stay well, and stay home.


    The Countian Newspaper
    P.O. Box 286
    Evergreen, Al 36401
    Phone: 251-578-4028

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