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E-911 Meeting 14 August 2017
Call to order at 10:20 AM by Chairman Millender.
All members were present for roll call.
The agenda was approved as written and the minutes of previous meeting were approved by unanimous vote.
Payroll/Personnel Report:
     No change in hiring.  67 hours of overtime needs approval. 
Approve Claims:
     Income revenues were $23,461.78, expenditures totaled just over $35,000.00.  That leads to a deficit of $12,000.00.
E-911 Director’s Report:
     Ms. Booker asked about the pending purchase of furniture for dispatch.
     Ms. Booker informed the board that a 2017 conference for E-911 was scheduled to take place in October. 
Attorney’s Report:
     Mr. Bishop was unavailable meeting.
There were no members comments or announcements.
New Media Comments:
     I had a few questions for the E-911 Director.  I asked how many people were assigned to E-911 department and was informed a total of 11 people were on payroll.  This included Ms. Booker, 2 part time employees and the rest were full time dispatchers.
     I also asked who had hiring and firing authority for E-911 employees.  Ms. Booker acknowledged she was the sole authority on hiring and firing, all applications came to her and she determined who to interview and who to hire.  I also asked if they were merit employees and was informed there were no merit employees at E-911 and there was no requirement for prospective employees to go before the merit board.
     I further asked for an ethically breakdown and was told of the total 11 employees only one of them was not African-American.
     When I finished my questing Chairman Millender called for a motion to adjourn and a basic brouhaha broke out.
     It was determined that members of the fire association had been denied the opportunity to be placed on the agenda.
     It was determined that an association meeting with association members only would be held Thursday,17 August 2017 at 6 PM at the E-911 office.

A motion to adjourn was finally made and the meeting was adjourned at 10:50 AM

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