Information, Information, More Information -
     I had planned to post a report on the very latest with the Murder Creek Dam Project after the regularly scheduled meeting Monday night, only flaw in that is, the Monday night meeting didn’t take place, cancelled, hopefully within the next 2 weeks.
     What’s up?  No one seems to know.  The Dam meetings are scheduled to be the 1 Monday of every other month but, again, what’s up?  We are into June now with another cancelled meeting, the April meeting was cancelled.  At the February meeting another executive session called after opening and upon coming out of executive session, motion to adjourn immediately.  The meeting previous to that was the December 2014 meeting and again the meeting was called into executive session immediately  Upon return from executive session a motion to adjourn was made and approved.
     The very last meeting I can honestly say something happened at was the special call September 2014 meeting where a motion was made to engage Balch and Bingham law firm to look over all the “current” stuff and make sure everything’s on track.  This hiring was on Mayor Carter’s recommendation and came at a cost of $19,700.00.  Wonder what they've come up with to earn that money!!!
     The "hired" attorneys were on hand at the December meeting but due to executive session, nothing was open to report.  Now we’re midyear of 2015 and we can’t even get a meeting together.  What’s up?   
     Most citizens of the county seem to think this lake could be a bonanza for Conecuh but, just like so many things, it seems to have turned into a lost dream. 
     If you recall I reported in April 2014, backed up with an email from the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers, that the lake project appeared to be in the throes of death.  A required environmental impact study which, based on the Corp of Engineers reply, should have taken 9 months to 1 year had not been completed in (at that time) 5 years.  Also contained in that email from the Corp of Engineers was a statement the project had been withdrawn and closed in 2012.  Now we are another full year down the road from my initial report and what has been accomplished?  More money has been spent, more time has been wasted and ------------??????
     Hard thing to say because I know most of the members of this board but if we are serious about getting a lake in here perhaps it’s time to look at replacing this board.  So far I’ve determined that more than $228,000.00 of county funds have been spent since the inception of this project (that’s known funds spent, I know another $30,000.00 was pledged by the commission but I don’t know if it’s been used too).  There may even be more county funds that have been expended.  I also understand that Southern Pine committed $10,000.00 to the project and I believe the Porch Creek Indians made a hearty commitment.
     All those interested people and we can’t hold a meeting to let folks know what’s going on?  Please note my earlier posted article about Fleecing the Public.
     Since 2009 the current board has been working to accomplish something that should take, by Corp of Engineers figures, 9 months to 1 year.  That’s more than 6 times the typical rate and we can’t even get a meeting called to let the tax payers and citizens know what is happening.  What’s up?
     The members of this board are placed on this committee by our county commissioners, is it time to put a little pressure on them and replace what seems to be a group that just can’t move forward?

     With the current status working in the manner it is, don’t buy fishing poles or line, they’ll both be rotted by the time there’s water to drop them in. 

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