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Rant Time:

     Well it’s been a while since I’ve updated anyone on the giant phony criminal case against me.

     I’m sure by now everyone is aware the local D. A. has attempted to graciously back out of a mess he got caught up in and passed the buck on this capital crime to the Alabama Attorney General for continued persecution, note I did not say prosecution.  I’ve heard the D. A. has designs of getting a term in office on his own accord, not just be appointed to the position.  Hope no ghost from his past jump up to bite at him.

     Just to show how silly things are going, on two separate occasions the Attorney General’s office has contacted my attorney asking him to have me pass information on as to how they can get in contact with the very person they are representing, the person who originally filed these phony charges to start with.  Does anyone see humor in this?

     Remember the State of Alabama was so broke it closed down Circuit Clerks offices throughout the state on Wednesday’s.  Yep, couldn’t get nothing (I know, double negative but I feel doubly negative about this mess) done at the Circuit Clerks office on any Wednesday state wide.  Well, that got changed just a short time back due, as I understand it, to some high power attorneys being disturbed at not being able to get anything done on those Wednesdays and now they have the money to keep the Clerk’s office open.

     Here’s what I find a little odd about that.  There is insufficient money to maintain and keep open an office essential to the operation of the justice system but they have money to pursue little ol’ me ‘cause I committed the terrible crime of not abandoning (like their father did) a 9 year old and a 5 year old but instead took them to their biological mother.  I’m amazed the feds haven’t been called in yet but wait, it’s still two more months before it’s scheduled to come to trial, if they hurry perhaps Eric Holder will jump on this one.

     Anyway, I see humor in the fact they are so hot to nail me to the cross but yet they cannot find, locate or know where their “star” complainant and witness may be.  Sure am glad my attorney and I asked for a speedy trial, perhaps this will be over during this lifetime.

     If this whole thing doesn’t show folks just how broken our justice system is, nothing will.  Just go ahead, climb back in your hole, pull the dirt in and wait until something happens to you.

     Enough of that, time for a brand new rant that I’ve sat on and thought about for the past week.  This of course deals with the work session at the commission meeting of 25 August.

     One of the issues on the agenda was an operating manual for the animal shelter.  Lord knows they need one, I just hope they get it right.

     Anyway, discussion got underway and there are some changes that Chief Impounding Officer Sid Lambert brought to the document he had originally submitted.  One of which was the understanding of the word “impounding.”  Seem Mr. Lambert was under the impression that he or someone he designates might be authorized to go out into the county, impound animals and possibly issue citations to animal owners.  Attorney Bishop laid this to bed quickly.  I can just see it now, a 2 member animal shelter employee group taking on the duties of keeping the shelter clean, the animals fed and watered, exercised, etc.  On top of this they are going to mount their sturdy county supplied ride and traverse the highways and byway of good ol’ Conecuh looking for animals abused and neglected.  Wonder just how far this authority would extend?  Can they park their vehicle on the right-of-way, go into your back yard or out to your barn and see if you have any cats that haven’t caught enough mice?

     I’m not a person adverse to a punishment administered to those who abuse, neglect or mistreat animals but I’m also a proponent of “keep off my property” or, if you just can’t, stand by for whatever may befall you.  Pretty soon the animal shelter could have more authority than the county sheriff’s department. 

     If the animal shelter continues its current trend it won’t be long before it should be the largest department within the county.  At one time that department operated with NO overtime, in fact no overtime was a policy dictated by both Commissioners Cook and Andrews when they were chairman and just prior to Mr. Lambert being hired as Chief Impounding Officer.  After that the cap came off and overtime was absolutely authorized.  I wonder if this had anything to do with Mr. Lambert not being hired in at a pay grade he might have been promised?  Seems as if some of the commission body balked when others wanted to allow a new hire to come in making more than their foreman of 20 years.

     It was pointed out during this discussion by Commissioner Millender that he was curious what was going on with the animal shelter, it’s as if nothing comes before the commission body dealing with the shelter and its operation.  Mr. Millender asked once more about the “receipt book” that had been the topic of discussion for the past two-three months.  No answers were forthcoming other than the “receipt book” was the property of the Humane Society and they refuse to allow anyone to see it.  This is the same Humane Society whose Vice-President, John Crutchfield, stood in front of the commission body in March and plainly stated (I have a recording) the books were open to anyone who desired to look.  Caught with their pants down, the policy has evidently changed.  As Lee Peacock said in his newspaper article, what do they have to hide?

     Commissioner Millender went on to ask who allowed the Humane Society to invoke all the privileges they seemed to enjoy at the shelter.  No answer was forthcoming so Mr. Millender then stated he heard a letter from the Humane Society had been sent to the commission advising they were withdrawing their support from the shelter.  Mr. Lambert stated he’d received such a letter and had given it to County Administrator Judy Covan.  Ms. Covan said she held such a letter effective (she thought) 26 June.  Mr. Millender then asked why that had not come before the commission body.  Again, no answers.  Commissioner Millender asked if the Humane Society still conducted their meetings at the animal shelter.  Mr. Lambert said he thought the last meeting they’d had there was in April or May.  Mr. Millender then asked who authorized them to conduct meetings there to start with; nothing had come before the commission body dealing with this request.

     After a rather pregnant pause Commissioner Cook, with what appeared to be great effort, raised his hand (not his arm) from the top of the counter he had been resting it on and said in a low tone of voice, head hung down, that while he was Chairman he had authorized the Humane Society to have “ONE” meeting in the shelter spaces.  I almost choked sitting in the audience as both Mr.’s Cook and Andrews had been instrumental in shoving the Humane Society into the shelter going so far as to tell the shelter employees they would have to cooperate with the humane society and basically giving them free reign of the area most especially to hold their meetings and any fund raisers on the property.

     In fact I have a copy of a sworn statement Mr. Andrew gave to the Evergreen Magistrate in March 2013 dealing with him having me arrested over an incident at the animal shelter where he showed up with Duann Brown and Angela Boutwell, President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Humane Society supposedly to conduct an employee training session.  Just exactly what positions did Ms. Brown and Boutwell have with the county at that time?

     Both Commissioner Cook and Andrews were members of the Humane Society as is Mr. Lambert.   In fact it was the Humane Society that footed the bill for Mr. Lambert to go to Michigan for school training that would make him the most qualified for the Chief Impounding Officer position.  I guess they had a return on their investment for a period of time, lesson learned, greed will get you in the end.   It was inevitable with them running the show that the Humane Society would push their way into the shelter.  I say Mr.’s Cook and Andrews were members of the Humane Society, I’m not sure but popular rumor has it they are no longer members since the shenanigans of the receipt book and the unaccounted for “donations” to the animal shelter has risen.  How fast and how far can you run to attempt to dodge the stink of misappropriations?  Some commissioners remind me of a ‘possum, they are too greasy to fry, gotta boil them first, not that I would speak ill of a ‘possum.

     Anyway, things wound down from the “work session” with a break coming before the start of the commission meeting.

     Mr. Cook circulated the room going to Mr. Funderburk and Mr. Staples who were there to discuss the refinancing of a bond issue in regular session.  Not being one to hold my tongue very much I couldn’t help but make a remark to others in the commission chambers that I had learned one thing about Mr. Cook during the last session, it was quite obvious he had no Pinocchio blood in him.  When questioned why, I said he’d have a two foot long nose after some of his statements.

     Mr. Cook couldn’t help but overhear and came rushing to me asking what I’d said.  Naturally I repeated it for him.  He asked if I was calling him a liar to which I did not respond in the negative.  He went on to state he prided himself on trying to tell the truth and I told him he was a dismal failure.  He said something else to me and I responded to him that he had certainly shown me the caliber of person he was with his statements and actions.  I then asked him if he’d like to hear recordings I hold proving his statements to be false.  He said something to the effect if anyone had them I would because I’m known for recording everything.  I couldn’t argue with him, just reassure him that because of people like him it was not a bad habit to have.

     Well, I feel better now. 

     Hopefully some of the citizens will see how our justice system works and take a stand to make things change.

     Hopefully some of the citizens will see what we have in certain commissioners and let them be the one term wonders they richly deserve to be.   I for one am sick of the drunken bully approach, I have no back bone approach, I’m just in it for me approach.  If anyone feel this pertains to them just remember, sometimes when the shoe fits or the Foo S---- you have to wear it.

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