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"It's my road I tell you, MY ROAD, can't no body drive on my road without my permission, don't get on my road, I mean it now."

Wonder what makes that face so RED?????

Rant Time Again

     Sometimes it’s just not enough to do one rant, there are actually occasions when seconds are needed other than when voting on issues.

     With that said let’s get right to this issue.

     This rant is directed at one person, Johnny Andrews, District 3 Commissioner.

     Just who do you think you are besides the biggest drunken, bulling idiot in Conecuh County?

     To set the background so everyone will know what’s going on Thursday Tess and I attended a special call meeting of the Murder Creek Lake Authority held at the Town Hall in Repton.  We decided we were running ahead of schedule we would take a circuitous route getting there and look at some things on the way.  We left Highway 84 in Belleville turning left on County Road 15.  We continued on Country Road 15 until we reached the Lennox Community where we turned again on County Road 7 heading back to 84.  In fact we had just a touch of business in that area we wanted to check on.

     Evidently my phone service is not that good in that area because we traveled back to 84, went to Repton attended the meeting and I had no indication I’d received a call.
     The meeting ended at approximately 5:20 PM and we started heading back.  Somewhere between Repton and the airport my service must have picked back up ‘cause I got that ticking noise indicating either a text or missed call.  Tess took a look at my phone and, “Lo and Behold,” it seems I’d missed a call from someone who seems to think they’re elected God and Savior for Conecuh County.  My phone was blessed with a message from no less than JOHNNY ANDREWS

     Tess opted to play the message and we sat in utter awe as the “voice of the self-anointed one” graced my phone.  Contained there on was a slurred, difficult to understand rant about what am I doing in his neighborhood, that he has videoed me yet once again and is compiling evidence in some type of long, ongoing harassment and intimidation scheme I’ve been involved in.

     I was dumbfounded for a period of time wondering just exactly what offense I’d created by simply driving on a public county road that MY TAX goes to keep up.

     I made the decision not to post anything about this until I could have it checked out more completely if some of you are wondering why you’re just now seeing this posting.

     I took the recording to a laboratory and had it analyzed in an attempt to discover just exactly what I could have done to provoke such an asinine and stupid tirade from a community and county leader, a pinnacle of leadership and properness?
     It took the better part of the day but finally we got results on what was going on.  After careful analysis, breath analyzer testing and an I. Q. evaluation, it was concluded not only was the author of the message a complete idiot but their low I. Q. was supplemented by some Joe Palooka alcohol type spirits.  Immediately I saw what I was dealing with and, quite frankly, I was not surprised any in the least.  It simply confirmed what I’ve been saying for a long period of time now; our illustrious commission is being managed by a drunken bully and his right hand man, recognized by the brown stains on the tip of his nose.

     As soon as I could recover from the fear and intimidation factor that washed over me I knew I need to formulate a response so that brings us to now.

     Mr. Andrews are you really so stupid you cannot figure out you need to stick to some of those others that you’ve managed to bully and coward into following your every lead and stop trying your little intimidation tactics on me?  I am amazed at the continuing level of stupidity you succeed in attaining every day.  Is it only booze or are you also heavily self medicated? 

     Allow me to say this also if I may.  If you see me traveling the highways and byways of Conecuh County or any other place be assured that I’m paying for the gas in my vehicle, I’m not billing the county for the miles I’m driving, unlike you.  Furthermore, unless I stray from the road more than right-of-way distance it’s really none of your business what I’m doing and, unless it’s property under your control, it’s still none of your business.

     Only one thing really bothers me about you and that’s the “teaching” process you used when you were in our school system.  It really concerns me that you may well have taught some of the poor students that attended your class to be that special kind of stupid you exhibit.  I’ve heard on more than one occasion of your “gentle” treatment of slamming some of the ball players into walls etc.  What a role model you are.

     As you said in your closing message on my phone, “have a nice day.”

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