Conecuh County News & Views LLC - Special Call Comm. Mtg. 19 Sep
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Conecuh County Commission Special Call Meeting 19 Sept 2017
     Call to order at 1 PM by Chairman Byrd.  Prayer and pledge offered at an earlier meeting
 Roll Call showed all members present.
The agenda was approved as printed.
     Chairman Byrd  immediately called for a vote to go into executive session.  Commissioner Millender advised Chairman Byrd that he must call for a motion and they take the vote.  Motion made and the vote was unanimous approval to enter into executive session.
     I questioned the commission body as to the reason for the executive session.  Their prime agenda was to discuss issues with the proposed personnel manual.  I then advised them that, by appearance sake, they had no legitimate reason to initiate an executive session.
     They then turned to the county attorney for his opinion.  After looking and studying the issue for a while, Mr. Bishop advised them he could see no reason for executive session and suggested they withdraw their motion, which was done.
     The meeting continued on for 1:40 minutes of discussion of areas of the proposed personnel manual.

Motion to Adjourn offered at 2:40 PM 

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