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     The morning after the special election seems to be the proper time to voice one’s opinion as to what is happening in our world.
     First of all let me say that this is a different America today than what was turned over to me as I achieved adulthood.  My peers of yesteryear actually left me a better country than that I’m leaving my offspring and I am both disappointed and sorry for that.
     Today we have a gigantic division in what seems to be the two party ruling systems that we have used for so long.
     Now in my seventies and having survived many presidential elections, I find myself flabbergasted at the treatment afforded the legitimately elected President.  I have no understanding of what or why Trump has no chance to do anything, he is in worse shape than a lame duck anything.  If it’s something he is trying to introduce or bring about such a hullabaloo is raised it’s easier to give it up and move on than try to enact it.  That should be an embarrassment to every American alive.  Right, wrong or indifferent Trump can’t be in left field on everything and he is the PRESIDENT.
     A move is underfoot to pass a new tax bill but…….the reaction against it is being led by the same group of miscreants that are against anything he proposes.  Is this tax bill right?  Is it wrong?  One thing for sure, someone’s not going to be happy whatever the outcome.
     As referenced before, it’s split along party lines. 
     I have a question for every elected official in our illustrious government regardless of party affiliation.  Every time I hear a Republican speak on our economy, taxes, budgets, etc. I hear them say they are against deficits.  Every time I hear a Democrat speak on our economy, taxes, budgets, etc. I hear them say they are against deficits.  What are our elected bodies comprised of?  With the exception of one person, they are made up of Republicans and Democrats.  How can we, with our elected officials on all sides being against it, have deficits?  Where do the lies come in?  Where do the lies stop?  That’s an easy question, they stop with the voter and by voter I mean someone who’s informed, not the typical uninformed mass that go to the polls to cast their ballot.  You all have seen the uninformed person; they’re the one that shows up with a toothpick in the corner of their mouth saying “who we got to vote for today?”  Either that or someone that shows up and says “Oh, I’ve got to vote for so-and-so, I used to work next to his daddy and he was a good man.”  We’ve also got the ever present noddle that says something to the effect of, “he’s my neighbor, I’ve got to vote for him.”  With an attitude like that we can only hope their neighbor is not Al Capone or some such person.
     People, wake up.  Don’t look around and ask what’s wrong with America, look in the mirror and ask that question.  If you don’t like the answer, do something to change it.
     Winston Churchill once said “You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.”  Much as stated in a popular song “you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” it’s your turn.
     One thing I find most distasteful about the most recent election is one I don’t think the good citizens of Alabama have any idea or given any thought to but rest assured, the powers to be saw their way to control an election and took it.  The big money people of Washington bought this election. 
     Had I not just underwent five years of hell by being falsely accused of something and finally having the truth come out I might well have been susceptible to jump on the bandwagon of “Oh those poor women.”    I am not stepping out to defend Roy Moore in any matter but I do want to remind everyone (although it is a blatant lie) everyone is to be considered innocent until proven guilty.
     I gave 28 years of my life defending and fighting for this country in an attempt to keep it the land of the free and the home of the brave but unfortunately that is not the way it truly works out, something else our forefathers left us which no longer applies.
     I sincerely hope Judge Roy Moore is not guilty of the accusations against him and is able to satisfy that to the public.  If not, then I hope he faces the appropriate punishment for any transgressions.
     I sincerely hope Doug Jones becomes the best Congressman from the state of Alabama and represents us well.
     Perhaps it was just the down-right dirtiness of this election that has put doubt in my mind about Jones but the group identified as Highway 31 that fell in behind him and ran all those abhorrent advertisements of half-truths, outright lies and innuendoes and him setting in his tall chair acting as if he was above the fray only indicated to me that he approved of them.  Doug, you can drop that self-righteous attitude now, the elections over.
     I guess the recipe is complete now and, if it’s not one we can live with, and if we can find those aforementioned “informed” voters, it can be changed next election cycle.


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