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Commission Work Session 9 Apr 2019
Work session started at 9 AM chaired by Commissioner Riley in Chairman Andrew’s absence.
EMA Director Brock:
1.         Has applied for Homeland Security grant for handheld radios for the sheriff’s department.  It will require the radios be paid for first from funds available and the grant will reimburse the money.  Sheriff Brock says he has the funds on hand to pay for the radios.  These items are on the state bid list at a cost of $14,018.00
2.          Mr. Brock is in receipt of $5,000.00 classified as “salary supplement.”  Normally, over the course of a year, $12,000.00 will be sent the county because of the qualifications Mr. Johnny Brock holds.  This money goes into the county general fund.
3.         Mr. Brock stated he felt the donation drive for the tornado victims of Lee County could have gone better but he does have at least one truck load of goods and supplies to take to them.  He plans on making this delivery on either Thursday or Friday.
4.         On 11, 12 and 13 June the annual Governor’s conference will be held.  Mr. Brock has programmed within his budget and request permission from the commission body to attend.
Engineer’s Report:
1.        Mr. Foshee asked the commission body to consider action on hiring the grant writer he introduced at the last meeting.  He noted that there is a lot of paperwork that goes with this position and everything needs to get put in motion.
2.         Mr. Foshee acknowledged that funding to pave one mile of road in each district was available when the commissioners determined where they wanted to spend it.
3.         He requested permission to continue with the dump truck sales.  He noted all our trucks needed to be prepared for turn in.  New trucks are on schedule to come to us.
     Mr. Foshee noted the impending gasoline tax and offered some inside to it.
     He noted that in 2006 total state funds for the county that year was $156,000.00.  Current funds received from the state and including March is $130,000.00.  These figures should continue to rise as the new tax is put into place.
     Mr. Foshee encouraged the county to advertise outside the local area for an assistant engineer.  Seems there have been no responses for the position using the current system.
County Administrator was not available.
County Attorney was not available.
Commissioners comments and announcements:
     Commissioner Riley gave a thank you to Engineer Foshee for assistance provided.

     Commissioner Millender noted he had heard positive things about the current arena plans. 

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